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Large Campaign Recruitment Contact Centre Support

Our client needed to 1,000 new employees for their governmental organization. The recruitment process had a duration of two months and candidates needed to register using an online portal. Each candidate was to receive a confirmation e-mail with an individual invitation for a test and follow-up interview.


The objective of this HR Case Study:

This case study provides an overview of the services that we can offer to support a recruitment campaign. It provides evidence of:

  • Support available to Human Resources department especially for recruitment campaigns
  • Ability to perform outbound campaigns ramping up and down according to projects requirements
  • Integration with our clients’ systems
  • Collaboration with USA companies


Project & Scope of Work: Supporting the Human Resources department for recruitment purposes

After the initial contact with our client, the initial requirements for this project were:

  • Customer Support for various recruitment campaigns planned by our client. Enquiries related to:
  • Standard queries (FAQ)
  • Application process
  • The volume of calls concentrated within the two/three week application period
  • Volume expected: 4,000 calls
  • Average call duration projected: 3 minutes


Meeting clients’ requirements:

Arema Connect provided Customer Support as follows: + Add New Category

  • Commission of a dedicated line for our client
  • Creation of a dedicated team and an overflow team to manage the call volume over the duration of the campaign.
  • Allocation of a Key Account Manager to coordinate communications with our client, team performance and training requirements.
  • Call logging access through our website portal
  • Daily and/or weekly report of the number of calls received and service level agreement


Line and Software set up

Arema Connect commissioned and programmed a dedicated phone line for the duration of the recruitment campaign. We designed a bespoke script and set up the call logging system for our client.
FAQ’s will be introduced in our Information System to guarantee easy access to the dedicated team and overflow agents.

Access to the secured protected call logging portal was granted to our client. This is a web-based access point in real-time to the calls logged by the team. Calls logged can be easily downloaded in Excel format – with details of the caller and message taken.


Process Procedure and Training

Arema Connect developed in conjunction with our client the appropriate procedure to answer caller enquiries in first call resolution. The dedicated team was trained using a train the trainer approach and they had full access to the procedural manual & FAQ lists.

The team consisted of a Key Account Manager and six dedicated Field Agents. In the case of an unexpected increase of Call Volume, extra hours were offered to part-time and full-time to complete our Service Level Agreement.



Arema Connect records all interactions with end-users and clients for training and monitoring purposes. These recordings are used on a weekly basis to analyse performance and provide feedback to our agents and improve our training methodology. All calls recorded are stored on our server for up to 6 months.
Reporting is available through our Asterisk PABX system with Time of Day Stamp, Average Waiting Time and Average Talk Time. Reports can be “tailor-made” to suit the Client’s requirements.
The Key Account Manager submitted daily and/or weekly call traffic reports and call recordings Public Jobs.

Arema Connect provides contact centre support to human resources departments to support large recruitment campaigns (e.g. Christmas recruitment support). Our role was led by the in-house team which coordinated our team and to whom we report on a daily basis. Our service provision to the client was to answer frequently asked questions and supporting the application processes for over 4,000 active candidates. Furthermore, we responded to each of them with a dedicated appointment for a test and a follow-up interview. Confirmation of assistance was also reported to our client in order to support their agenda planning.

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