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Your marketing efforts or operations can involve sending clients and potential clients information packs and brochures. While the number is small, an in-house team can easily manage; however, if your projections include thousands of personalised letters and brochures or you don’t have the physical or human resources required… outsourcing your information packs and brochure management can be the right solution for you.


How to use information packs and brochures for growing engagement?

Nowadays we live in a digital society; however, there are multiple occasions that your team may require to send information packs and brochures to clients or potential clients. This could include:

  • Charity events information packs
  • Registration forms for financial and health campaigns
  • Retail brochures
  • New promotional offers
  • Send samples


Paper-based communication can be extremely effective when requested by clients, if there are too many options or for formal processes. They should have a clear call to action to guide the reader about the next step. This will increase engagement and support the campaign success.


Information packs and Brochure Management process

There are multiple scenarios to send information by post; however, the process is the same. It can be summarised in a five-step process:

Steps to send an information pack or brochure:

  1. Access to receiver postal information: They should provide you with this by e-mail, online form or phone call
  2. Get all material ready: stamp, envelope, information pack literature / brochure…
  3. Print the personalised letter and their postal address
  4. Put all information inside the envelope
  5. Bring it to the post office


Sample case study

Our client was a charity that required support in one of their fundraising campaigns. An information pack was sent to all people who registered on their website or requested one using their dedicated phone line. Any registered person was asked for their name, phone number, address, information required in their pack (e.g. Posters, Invitation Book, Bank Giro and Collection Box) and their e-mail. Each morning, our team reviewed the database and sent by post the previous day requested packs. Letters had a personalised letter with their address. All information was stored in our secure storage facility for quicker and easier access.


Our Brochure Handling and Fulfilment services will save you time and money. It will also save precious office space. Along with storing the brochures themselves, we will also mail them to your customers for maximum convenience. It goes hand-in-hand with inbound call handling services as when clients request a brochure our team can pack it and mail it. Make your customers aware of promotions and special offers through this quick and easy service. We offer this service to the Republic of Ireland. Request a free quotation here!