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On Friday last, our Annual Staff Awards Night and Quiz took place in Soho- Bar and Restaurant.

The Quiz…

As always, the staff quiz was as competitive as ever. Teams were challenged on their General Knowledge, Pop Culture and even knowledge of Arema Connect. All teams competed to win bragging rights in the office for the year. This year’s winning team consisted of Katherine Sutton, Conor Duggan, Markina Henkel and Ryan Henkel. The Reigning Champions consisting of Nuala Keogh and Dan Forde were defeated in their efforts for 3 in a row.

The Awards….

At Arema Connect, we place a strong emphasis on having a positive and friendly working environment. It can be said that this is reflected in our low staff turnover of just 8% in 2018. Each year, we hold a staff awards to celebrate the efforts of all our staff and give special recognition to those that go above and beyond as voted by their peers.

The award categories this year consisted of:

  • Best Team Player- A  Great Team Player who supports others. This individual shows their appreciation and support to the rest of the team. He/she keep the team motivated and help them get the job done. This was awarded to Lisa Cronin.
  • Customer Service Award- Good customer service is crucial to an organization’s success. This is a team member who works  hard to keep customer relations positive and happy. They will always strive for customer satisfaction. This was awarded to Rachel Aherne.
  • Above and Beyond Award- This is for a team member that performs tasks far beyond their job descriptions, special recognition is deserved. A colleague that is always there to assist and help. This was awarded to Lisa Brookes

Each of these categories were decided by employees. Additionally, there was a special Recognition Award presented on the night by management. This was awarded for exceptional work ethic and performance by an employee. This was received by Martina Henkel

Overall, these staff outings are a great way for staff to bond outside of their normal working environment and greatly boost company morale.

HUGE thanks to Our Managing Director, Pat Keogh and HR/Quality Manager, Katherine Sutton for all their hard work in organizing the night, a great time was had.