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Human Resources Contact Centre Support

Our team provides support to this recruitment agency to perform reference checks of candidates. Our client is a leading recruitment agency in USA which performs large recruitment campaigns for the private and public sector. As part of their recruitment process and after a first telephone interview, its protocol dictates to reach previous employers and gather their feedback about the candidate. For each applicant, at least two references are contacted and their feedback used as part of the application process.


Objective of this Case Study:

This case study provides an overview of the services that we can offer to support a recruitment campaign. It provides evidence of…

  • Support available to Human Resources department especially for recruitment campaigns
  • Ability to perform outbound campaigns ramping up and down according to projects requirements
  • Integration with our clients’ systems
  • Collaboration with USA companies


Project & Scope of Work: Supporting the Human Resources department for reference checking

This is an on-going project that ramps ups and down according to our client’s campaigns requirements. The number of agents allocated to the project varies from week to week. Additionally, as the service is provided by our call centre in Ireland to the USA market, our team works day and night to meet the contract’s requirements.


Meeting clients’ requirements:

recruiment - reference checks service

Use of their Recruitment Software

Our client uses a tailored recruitment software were applicant information is hosted and all steps of the recruitment process logged. For each candidate, a unique profile exists and it includes their references information including:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Employment duration
  • Duties performed by the applicant

The system allows our team to identify applicants that have ranked higher on the interviews or that according to the recruitment manager are more suitable to fit a specific role. This allows our team to work through a priority list following our client’s campaign requirements.

After each call, the outcome has to be recorded in the system. Information is gathered related to the ability to reach the right person, and if it has been successful then a questionnaire is completed.

Outbound Reference Check Calls Process



The first step is to contact the right person. As we work with different states in USA, timezones are considered before placing a call. Our team introduces the company and the purpose of the call. If the right person is willing to provide a reference (positive or negative), our team follows the agreed script. It includes :

  • Confirm dates of employment
  • Confirm Job Title
  • The reason to finish employment
  • Performance evaluation

After pre-qualifying the respondent, a candidate evaluation questionnaire is used to collect information.


Evaluation Questionnaire:

In each candidate profile, our team records the answers provided by previous employers. Questions have been designed by our client and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate that will be relevant for their future job. While some question varies from position to position, the process is similar for each outbound call.

For instance, if a low score is provided then our agent will inquire into the reason and request an example. It is paramount to gather as much information as possible including subjective notations from our agents.



At the end of each day, the key account manager sends a detailed report of our agents’ activity to the client. Additionally, all information is quickly accessible using our clients portal and they have access to this in real time. Any feedback provided by our client is provided directly to the team increasing the project efficiency.

Arema Connect provides contact centre support to recruitment agencies and human resources departments to support their needs. We have been working with this client since summer 2017 and we have supported different recruitment campaigns. Initially, we supported large campaign once off campaigns but the flexibility of our team and their ability to get the right information have impacted in the project allocation. Now, our client trusts us with smaller campaigns as they prefer to focus on other areas of the recruitment process.


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