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Independently of your business size, running promotional campaigns is a key sales and marketing activity. You can use different promotional strategies depending on your business goals, campaigns’ objectives and priorities of your company. Existing media platforms available include television, newspapers, radio, text messages, e-mails, shopping outlets, billboards, magazines, social media, and phone calls.

A part of your goals, objectives, and priorities;  to select one or other platform or channel will be related to three key things: target audience, budget, and timeframe. In this blog, we analyse when hiring an experienced call centre is suitable to promote your business in relation to these three key elements.


Past & Existing clients promotional campaigns:

Using a call centre when you have a defined target audience

If you have a database of past and existing clients who are happy to be contacted for promotional campaigns (such as up-selling, cross-selling and renewals), then you have a gold mine. In May 2017, GDPR provided us with the opportunity (and obligation) to review our existing marketing list and perform database management tasks. Now with an up-to-date contact list, it will be easier for you to reach a well-defined target audience. You can offer them products and services designed to meet their needs. An experienced call centre can help you in this process, reach your audience and increase sales and brand awareness. Any data provided to the call centre team, it will be updated and returned to your team, and all copies deleted from our systems at the end of the campaign to ensure data protection.


Return on Investment & Budget control:

Using a call centre when you need to manage price per contact

Mass media communication will allow you to reach a larger number of potential clients; however, reaching the right target can be more cost-effective. Call centre promotional campaigns provide flexibility to calculate the return on investment while controlling your budget. The key account manager assigned to your project will provide you with daily updates. This ensures that you have full control of the campaign. You can change and tweak the script as required to maximise your inversion.


Short & Medium timeframe:

Using a call centre when you want quick but professional promotional support

If your campaign is time sensitive (e.g. Christmas, Summer, Easter) and you are looking for a quick turnaround, a call centre can provide you with additional agents to meet demanding deadlines. This is ideal for short / medium length campaigns where you want to collect results in a short time span. Call centre will provide you with a detailed activity report outlining the number of dials made, targets spoken to, and outcome achieved. A script can be designed to perform sales or just to detect potentially interested clients to who your in-house team can then follow up.

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