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Saint Patrick’s celebrations are starting early this year in our Irish Call Centre. Our team in Cork will be enjoying a full week of activities to celebrate Ireland’s national day including a green bake competition and our Irish & Famous Quiz. Excitement is building in anticipation for the big day on Sunday 17th of March.


The tradition: St. Patrick’s in our Cork Call Centre

With over 85% of our employees being Irish, St. Patrick’s day always have a huge importance in our Cork Call Centre. Every year our office gets a full makeover with green decorations including shamrocks and Leprechauns. In addition, our team takes part in team building activities to encourage camaraderie among colleagues. 

Example of previous celebrations:

Arema Connect now hosting monthly themes! March = Green Month

Put an Irish person in your life

We cannot miss this opportunity without letting you know why you should have a Call Centre in Ireland. Therefore, we asked our call centre agents to create a list to describes the benefits of having them in your life. Here is their list:

  1. Gift of the Gab: Our main office is just 10 minutes down the road of the famous “Blarney Stone”. Not sure of how many of our employees have kissed it (the tradition says that if you kiss this stone you will have a great natural ability to talk confidently and charmingly, in a way that is highly persuasive); but we can affirm that our team is well able to talk the talk.
  2. Family and Friends everywhere: It is a fact that Irish people travel and move around the world. Some of them come back home after few years living abroad (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia being their top destinations). This connection with the world makes our workforce to be more open-minded and establish quicker relationships. We are a friendly team.
  3. Well-educated: The 2016 Census reported that 56.2% of people aged 15 to 39 possessed a third level qualification. This percentage is lower in older age groups; however, they bring to the call centre industry another type of knowledge and experience.
  4. Passion defines us: Whether is baking, singing or practising sport, we are passionate about what we do. We are a nation of sportsmanship and Humour / Comedy. We have Irish music, Rugby, GAA, Fr Ted, U2, the Cranberries…


Meet our Team

Our team is located in Cork (Ireland) where we have two offices with a capacity of 150 agents. We provide contact centre and market research services to UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany… We are aware that our biggest asset is our team; therefore, we work really hard to have a happy well-trained workforce. Events like the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day give us a great excuse to meet together and reward all our team. As a response, our call centre agents stay with us on average 4 years and our Management Team has a seniority of 8 years (on average). Check our latest employee satisfaction survey:

Employee Survey 2017: Working together, growing together