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A few years ago, we published a blog entitled “NATO phonetic alphabet – Alpha Bravo Charlie” which provided you with an overview of the phonetic alphabet that we use in our Irish Call Centre. This alphabet is broadly used in the contact centre industry to support customers over the phone. In our contact centre, new recruits are taught to use it in order to minimise spelling mistakes while taking personal information such as names, e-mails or postal addresses. However, every now and then our agents came across different and interesting variations. In this blog, we provide you with a sample of ‘alternative phonetic alphabets’ used sometimes by callers.

Alternative Phonetic Alphabets

As part of our training and quality management process, all calls received and made in our call centre are recorded. In a recent quality review with a group of new recruits, our quality controller Kelley Phelan brought to their attention the importance to use the Official NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Using different training strategies including role-playing, we ensure that any new agent is familiar with this Alphabet. As part of the debriefing session, agents provided samples of ‘alternative phonetic alphabets’ that they have come across during phone calls.

Disney Style Alphabet

One of the most adorable ones that we ever came across is the Disney Alphabet. Who doesn’t love Disney? So many nice movies…

Disney Style Phonetic List. Source:

Food Alphabet

A recurrent topic is ‘food’. So, it makes sense to have an alphabet that looks like your next shopping list:

Food Alphabet Source:

The Biscuits Phonetic Alphabet

In the same line that the Food Alphabet but sweeter. We found the Biscuit phonetic Alphabet on Twitter and we fell in love straight away.


Animal Alphabet

We can’t forget animals! Dog and Cat are commonly used by our callers while trying to spell anything!

Animal Alphabet. Source:

The Original NATO Phonetic Alphabet

While we do appreciate the creativity from part of our callers, our team uses the Original NATO Phonetic Alphabet as part of their daily routine. You can find it in our previous blog. Click here to see the full NATO Phonetic Alphabet:

NATO phonetic alphabet – Alpha Bravo Charlie

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