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Established companies in America are constantly looking into increase their profits. Overseas markets can provide a really lucrative opportunity for this business expansion. Exporting to Europe is a prime option due to cultural similarities.

  • Is your company researching the viability of exporting to Europe on a large or small scale?
  • Have you considered Outsourcing as a function to support your Export Strategy?

Why outsource?

There are numerous advantages to partnering with an indigenous outsourcing provider. We know the market and we can supply you with the infrastructure you need at a fraction of the cost of setting up a new division within the European marketplace. A part of the potential financial savings that you can achieve (e.g. no need for a physical office, no recruitment cost), outsourcing can bring you expert knowledge of the market and cultural intelligence that can be difficult to acquire otherwise.

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Why outsource to Ireland?

Ireland is a member of the European Union & we speak the same language. There are several advantages to outsourcing to a well established Irish company with a track record of delivering results. These include our fluency in English and our membership of the European Union, which results in a large potential customer base. While UK was a fantastic location to outsource, Brexit has brought some uncertainty to the market as ongoing negotiations are still taking place.

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Why outsource to Arema Connect?

  • Arema Connect has a 24 by 7 Multi-Channel Contact Centre with online sales support by telephone, e-mail & live chat but we do so much more to support your initiative.
  • Arema Connect operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have the resources to provide text messaging and database management services.

Currently, Arema Connect has clients from America & Canada that partner with us over a diverse range of services including:-

  • Business Mailing Address
  • Sourcing Geographic Telephone Numbers
  • Shared Customer Service Agent Support (Initial Phase)
  • Dedicated Customer Service Agent Support (Long Term Growth Plan)
  • Brochure Storage & Distribution
  • Market Research Services

We have over seventeen years of experience in delivering Market Research Projects from feasibility studies, mystery shopping services and new market identification.

Arema Connect has always worked closely with our overseas clients in order to ensure they have complied with the company formation laws in Europe. We have developed a network of professionals in the legal, banking and accounting industries to support our clients when setting up a European division.

Talk to us and we will help you to export to Europe!