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The majority of websites include a registration / login page where users can access to their own personal space. These online registration portals require a unique password to access to users’ personal information. Data hosted in them can include postal address, payment details and previously purchased records. However, these sections are not only part of retail websites. They can host other personal information such as user’s CV or bank details. Therefore, an online profile can be used in any e-business or business that collect information online such as recruitment agencies.

Nowadays, websites are designed to be user-friendly. They can prompt messages to the user in order to assist them registering and login in. However, there are still common challenges that inexperienced users can face while trying to access and do business.


Three Common Challenges in online registration portals

Setting up a Profile

The information requested by some online registration portals can be sometimes overwhelming. Users who start the process could feel put out depending on the number of fields required. An easy approach is to require only username and password and then after an e-mail verification, the user can complete the profile. Alternatively, some companies allow users to set up their profiles over the phone. For example, one of our clients allows their buyers to place their order using a dedicated booking line. Our agents collect the order information and use the postal information to set up their online account. All information is fully accessible to the client and a temporary password is created on their behalf.


Data Accuracy

Amazingly, one of the most common issues is related to spelling mistakes. Some users may misspell their e-mail address while setting up their profile and not be able to access to their account. This can be a frustrating situation as users are unaware of their mistake. A quick call to the customer support team can sort this issue as usernames can usually be rectified in the backend platform. Alternatively, users can create a new account. However, this can leave a legacy of data in your system full of inactive profiles and still trunk buyers’ experience as users are unaware of the problem.

While data accuracy is an issue with setting up profiles, additional errors can be found in the postal address and other profile sections.


Password reset

It is common practice to have the option to reset a password under login fields. Online registration portals use an automatic approach to send an e-mail with a temporary password to users’ registered e-mail. However, some users can find the challenge to remember that e-mail or the password to access to that e-mail. This situation can frustrate the user as it is unsure how to proceed. Customer representatives should have the ability to reset passwords in users’ behalf following general data protection and your own companies protocol. Some online portals allow this information to be reset if the user provides a copy of previous invoices or a scan of their ID.


While it is impossible to avoid all challenges faced by online shoppers, it is best practice to minimise them and provide flexible and accessible solutions. For online portals, technology strategies can be their first protocol; however, sometimes a human touch is required to avoid further frustrations. Learn more about the challenges faced by online e-commerce buyers by downloading our whitepaper.


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