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Employees’ Support Line – Healthcare provider

Our team is providing after-hours and overflow employees’ support line to this client since 2015. They are a national healthcare provider that support people with limited mobility through carers home visits. As the majority of their employees work in different locations, our client required a partner to support the coordination and provide support for unforeseen circumstances including sickness, arrange last-minute substitutions, late check-ins and emergency support.

New Client: Supporting Employees and Clients for Home Care Provider


The objective of this Case Study:

This case study describes our team’s ability to support healthcare providers in their human resources management. It provides evidence of…

  • Integration of our contact centre team with human resources departments for employee support
  • Our teams’ experience in the healthcare sector
  • The process followed to support human resource management finding replacement to carers
  • Process followed for this specific employees’ support line
  • Telephone and e-mail support services


Project & Scope of Work: Supporting the Human Resources department of Healthcare provider

The scope of this case study is defined by our client’s human resources department which is the core of their operations. They have over 5,000 carers employed supporting more than 10,000 clients in Ireland. The role of our team is to support their workforce and ensure that home care is provided to the clients as required.

In order to find suitable cover (e.g. right skillset, in the clients’ area and available to attend to unplanned appointments), our team has access to our clients’ customer relationship management software and employees / HR portal. Our client provides Healthcare Assistants, Multi-task assistants, general nurses and psychiatric nurses services for private and public patients. When an employee reports their inability to attend or a late ‘check-in’ is reported, our team is activated and perform the agreed protocol including outbound calls to client and other carers until a cover is provided or all options are exhausted. Additionally, employees report any emergency to our team and we ensure that the head office and family members are updated following the established protocols.


Meeting clients’ requirements:

Sickness cover – Case Management

When a call is received through the dedicated employee’s support line, one of our agents promptly answers in our client’s name. If the caller is an employee reporting their inability to attend to a client’s appointment, our team gather as much information as possible from them including full name and telephone, type of sickness, and where exactly they are scheduled to work. Then, the replacement protocol is activated.
First, the client is contacted and they are made aware of the carer’s inability to attend. This ensures that the cover is required and informs them that the carer replacement protocol has been activated. Secondly, our team will access the Employee portal and review carers available in the area with a similar profile. The suitable matches will be contacted by phone. Each call outcome will be recorded in the customer relationship management to ensure process transparency. Our agents will stop making outbound calls when a suitable replacement has been found or all options are exhausted. The client will then be updated by phone and a detailed report is sent to the head office for their own records.

Carers’ Emergency Support 

Carers work independently attending to different clients’ appointments according to their rota. The employee’s support line becomes their first protocol to report any emergency including a no-show, the carer cannot gain access to a client, or any medical emergency.

In these situations, the call needs to be escalated to the main office or to the client’s family in order to ensure that the emergency is addressed promptly and as required. This is paramount for scenarios with a serious issue such as a client death or a serious accident.


Employee Late Check-In – Follow up

Our client provides its employees with a mobile app where they can record their appointments’ attendance. When an employee doesn’t check-in on time, the system sends an automatic message to our team for follow-up. The aim is to ensure that all employees attend their appointments and that any service disruption is promptly addressed. It additionally enables the team to ensure that no harm is suffered by employees while performing their duties or travelling between appointments.

The process is automatically activated by the app notification system. An e-mail is received by our team and we activate the follow-up procedure. The first protocol is to ring the carer to see if they are with the client and it is just a technical issue (e.g. internet connectivity problem). If the carer answer, information is gathered to log the late check-in including the circumstances and if it is required to find a cover for that appointment. If the call is unanswered, then our team contact directly the carer’s client to gather further information about the situation. All activities and conversations are logged into the system for the head office.



Arema Connect is supporting our home care client since 2015 with a dedicated employees’ support line. We provide after-hours and overflow support to their main office ensuring that employees have a support line at any time. In the last 12 months, on average we have answered over 1,052 inbound calls, 6,000 e-mails and performed over 30,000 outbound calls. An activity report is sent to our client every day for their own records. Additionally, all information is recorded in their system for transparency purposes. Overall, we predict a long-lasting relationship with this client and especially with their human resources department.