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If you are planning an event such as staff night out, a conference, workshop or a big gala, one of your priorities is to have a good attendees’ list. In this blog, we evaluate some marketing and customer support techniques to increase your number of attendees including setting up an event booking line support, promote using social media, create an event marketing e-mail.


How to Increase the number of attendees at your event?

There is a number of initiatives that you can use to increase the awareness of your event and in turn, increase the number of attendees.


Events Booking Line Support

An Events Booking Line Support can help you to increase the number of attendees at your event. It is a simple process to set it up and the benefits are numerous.

Multiple websites such as EventbriteBrown Paper Tickets,, Picatic, or TicketBud allow your company to sell tickets online. They offer a booking system where tickets are displayed and can be purchased by customers through their online portal. They are really well-designed websites visually attractive to engage your customers. However, sometimes event attendees need a personal touch to make the final decision. Setting up an inbound order line can have multiple benefits including: attract no technology-savvy customers, an opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling or provide a personal touch to the purchasing process.

The benefits of an Inbound Order Line


Social Media promotion

Set up a Facebook event page and promote your event using all the social media platforms possible. Focus your efforts in the right channels and create engaging messages. You can also give away a couple of free tickets to a lucky winner who likes, mentions a friend and shares your event post. Don’t forget to be active and monitor the site so any questions can be answered straight away. If you don’t have time to monitor it, check our social media customer service.

The Benefits of providing great Social Media Customer Support…


Event Email marketing

One of the first steps to consider is sending an e-mail invitation. This strategy is cost-effective as you can avail of one of the multiple newsletter software existing in the market (e.g. Mailchimp). In your promotional email include an attractive heading and a nice looking e-mail body where it is it easy to identify the event location, the date and steps to book or buy a ticket. The key elements for a succeful is the access to a suitable contact’s database.

Database Management : Benefits from a Marketing Perspective


Remind your attendees: add to their calendars and text messages

Offer your future attendees the option to receive a reminder on the day before the event. We all have a busy life and if your event is not on their priority list, then it can be forgotten. You should facilitate the option to add your event to attendees own calendar, receive an e-mail or a text message. While updating calendar depends on your attendees’ preferences and an e-mail can get lost in an inbox, text messages reminders are broadly used for appointment reminders and have a proven success rate.

Text messages: sales, customer service & marketing strategies


Outbound Phone Calls

If you have a selected VIP list identified, then you should perform an outbound phone campaign. Reach potential attendees and sell your event by explaining the virtues and benefits of attending. You should keep in mind the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before starting any outbound campaign.

Case Study – Outbound GDPR campaign for a client in the charity sector


Tickets Sales Case Study: Events Booking Line Support

We have been providing event management support on an on-going basis for multiple marketers and online booking platforms in Ireland over the last five years. Check our case study for an example of our work:

Case Study: Ticket Sales Line


While we are not a marketing agency, we can support your customer relationship management requirements for the set up of your event. Following your lead, our team can monitor your social media platforms, answer FAQ’s over the phone, send events reminders and much more. Get in touch and benefit of our expertise in the area.