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Customer Support Seasonality means being able to face the needs of your customers whether it is autumn or spring. If you are a shoe retailer, this means that your business may peak during a specific period of the year or that you have to change your selling stock and display every now and then. This gradual variation according to the season also means a different set of questions and needs from your customers part. Yet the goal is always the same: support them all the way to the checkout cart.

Seasons influence the kind of shoe a retailer sells and the consumption. Therefore, it is logical that boots peak during winter and sandals during summer. Statistics can confirm this and even an online research reflects this fact. A Google Trends query shows that boots are an item typed frequently during winter and less during the summer. And that this happens vice versa in the case of sandals. What can etailers do being knowledgeable of these temporal shifts? Here are some ideas for your online site to adjust and face customer support seasonality.

Change your homepage accordingly with visual and colorful content

Update your home site and make a dynamic page out of your offers. Whenever winter is approaching, make sure that boots are the items the easiest to find. Approaching the seasons in a visual way will enhance the customer journey by making it more intuitive and visual.

Remember that the summer calls for saturated and warm colors, whereas winter is always associated with cold ones. As for autumn and spring, these two tend to go towards the range of browny yellow colors. Don’t neglect that it has to suit your brand, so you may have to play around the color palette, you can get some ideas out of the Colour Lovers platform, which suggests color combinations.

An up-to-date web site will give your visitors the idea of an updated store. So they don’t think that maybe you are outdated and haven’t changed it for a while. A dynamic approach to your website -while maintaining the main features- will give an idea of a better, more refreshing and modern online shoe retail.

If you also update your offers and main catwalks, your online visitors will save time on their research journey. Hence probably spending more time looking for the right match.

Engage through Social Media through seasonal contests and challenges

Profit from your social media presence and spice things up every now and then. Prepare contests for the upcoming season and reward engagement. What are the most successful ways to get a newer and broader audience while still trying to sell?

  • A contest among the users that have liked your page and share a specific publication.
  • A raffle among the users that have invited people to visit the page.
  • A picture contest among the buyers showing off their new acquisitions from your site (which also gives photographic content for platforms like Instagram).

The conversions and the ROI of a social media contest are always huge, as the effort in putting up one and auctioning an item is always none compared to the rewards of a renewed engaged audience. When is the right time to do a contest? Whenever you have new items coming on board or you change the look-and-feel of your website. So whenever there is a change of season is a good opportunity.

Why does the market call for a Customer Support Seasonality?

If your business is dependent upon the shifting seasons, it will be logical to think that your customers and their needs will also change. Availing yourself of a 24/7 Live Chat and a Call Answering Service will reduce the risk of them abandoning your page, as they will be able to find answers to their inquiries. The company has to ensure that all of the information regarding the orders, payments and shipping options is clear and available for everyone to find.

How to face the peaks of the Customer Support Seasonality

Maybe your business faces a higher demand during the summer months and a lower activity the rest of the year. How can you face the growing interest in your product while maintaining your same service and efficiency level? An outsourcing provider may be the best solution for your company. A business solutions company can help in order to achieve the amount of inquiries your enterprise has during those busy months of the year.

Why don’t you try Arema Connect? We have more than 17 years of experience in the field and we can help you manage the increasing demand of your growing business.


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