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When a business process or systems is replaced by an update, there is usually a number of tasks associated with communication and training that require special attention. In this case study, we describe a project supported by our team that required the review and update of a Suppliers and Payees Database.


Client Background

Financial Department Supports 

Our client, an American Biopharmaceutical company that recently updated its invoicing system and was required to explain the new process to suppliers. The full list of providers required verification as individual login details had to be issued and bank details verified.


Objective of this Case Study

Support Upgrade to the New Invoicing System

This case study has been designed to describe our client. It provides evidence of:

  • Experience working with the financial department
  • Data Protection Handling Process
  • Overview of the day to day activities provided including:
    • Data Procurement
    • Email answering
    • Outbound Calls
    • Reporting capabilities
    • Ability to meet deadlines and service level

Therefore, this case study will provide you with an insight of the type of relationship that your company can establish with Arema Connect.


Description of Project & Scope of Work

Process Followed to Update Suppliers and Payees’ Database

A number of steps were agreed with the client the project started.

  • Database Management: First the database was reviewed to remove duplicates and ensure data consistency. Three dedicated agents were in charge of sourcing missing information such as main office phone numbers or website addresses.
  • Obtain account receivable details: Our dedicated team performed outbound calls to reach the right person in our client’s suppliers team. The objective was to inform them about the change of software and request their email address to set them up in the system. A total of 12,000 phone calls were made and we reached over 100 countries in 23 different markets. Each of them was logged in our client’s Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) and callbacks scheduled as required.
  • Set up accounts in the system: With the information collated during the phone call, our agents registered the supplier in the system and provided them with login details.
  • Provide Invoicing system information: An e-mail was sent with training information and a system guide to support suppliers accessing to the system. Additionally, suppliers had the option to call back to our team with any related question or to access a remote demonstration.

Contact Centre Channels Used

Vendors were contacted using telephone and email. Inbound and outbound capabilities were included in this project to ensure that any supplier was able to reach our team.

Information Technology

Using our client’s customer relationship management system, all the information was logged and accessed by our team. Phone calls and e-mails were registered in Salesforce which enables our client to perform real-time reports ensuring project transparency. For outbound calls, our team used Cloud Call. An autodialler software that allowed our team to rapidly call customers at the click of a button.


Project Results

71,90% entries of the original database were contacted and successfully set up in the new invoicing system. Our team performed over 12,000 outbound phone calls and answered over 17,358 emails and 5,389 inbound phone calls. The project was completed within the allotted time and as a result, our client has decided to outsource to us the second phase of the project. This consist of input the last 12 month invoices in the system manually and scan each invoice.