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If you want to increase your sales, you should make it easy for your buyers. You should consider having a 24/7 inbound order line. This is a phone number where your customers can call day or night to place an order. Nowadays, online shopping allows customers to place orders using your online portal; however, not all buyers are technology savvy and some of them they still need reassurance before placing an order. In this blog, we analyse the benefits of having an inbound telephone order line and how this simple step can improve the bottom line of your business.

Why do you need an Inbound Order Line?

Attract ‘no technology savvy’ customers

As previously said, no everyone feels comfortable placing orders online or have access to the technology to do so. It is a fact that the number of online buyers is increasing on a weekly basis; however,access to technology is conditioned by age, education level and acquisitive power. Even more, technology use doesn’t guarantee that buyers are comfortable with the purchasing process. The step of introducing card details on a website can be a daunting prospect for some people. By providing a telephone line to place orders, you can support them and ensure that you capture as much business as possible.


Different lines for different purposes

Existing phone numbers can be used to include and ordering line. You can present your customers with an IVR where, for example, option 1 is “place an order”. There are multiple benefits of dividing your calls into different lines while still using one unique phone number. First, you can assign different agents to different lines according to their skillset and knowledge. This will improve conversion rates as experienced agents will close sales quicker. Secondly, it decreases the cost of training. Employees can focus on a core process and act as overflow for the other ones. This will also impact on the service speed and quality provided. Our advice is to have at least two levels of support, a core team in each line and a back-up team to cover peaks on demands (e.g. Christmas or sales periods).


Answer FAQs and other enquiries

A number of questions can arise during a buying process. They can range from information about the company, specifications of your offering, logistic enquiries or after-sales potential issues. While your website could have a detailed FAQ section, there is nothing like the reassurance voice of someone to answer any product or service related questions. Key enquiries could range from basic information to terms and conditions. The inbound order line can give that extra push that sometimes clients need to purchase your products. The analysis of the questions asked can also help you to improve processes and solve any detected issue in your sales strategy.


An opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling

While placing an order, buyers are more incline to listen alternatives and recommendations. Over the phone, your team can detect up-selling and cross-selling opportunities while placing an order. Complementary services/products can be offered to the caller and upgrades suggested increasing the spend of each customer.


Provide a personal touch

Online shopping removes the human touch existing in brick and mortars retail. Shopping assistants represent your brand and values. By providing an inbound order line, your customers will benefit from a professional and friendly voice on the other side of the phone. All the shopping experience will become more personal and your brand will be better represented.

How to set up your inbound phone line?

Setting up your inbound sales line can take from as little as 2 minutes to 24 hours depending on your chosen approach and your own requirements. Answer the following key questions and if you are thinking about outsourcing, send us an e-mail describing your own requirements

  • Do you have an in-house team to man your order line?
  • What’s the level of training required?
  • Are you providing a 24/7 order phone line support or just covering your office hours?
  • Do you need multiple languages?
  • What volume are you expecting?
  • Do you have any seasonality (e.g. Christmas, Summer)?
  • What IT systems are required by your team?
  • Do you need a phone number or would you use an existing one?
  • Do you need to set up and IVR?

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