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Data entry or data input can be a tedious job for your team, but with our data entry tips, you can improve your speed and accuracy.

Despite we are moving to a digitalised society, there are still numerous scenarios where manual data entry is required. For example,

  • Your Finance department can still receive invoices from some suppliers by post.
  • Your Customer Loyalty programme could have a paper-based registration for clients to complete in your shops

Numerous organizations hire specific administrative teams to input all these information;  others prefer to outsource the process to contact centres as all data can be secured stored in their systems online.

At Arema Connect we provide data entry services to our clients since 2002. We serve to numerous retail business that has loyalty programmes and supports multiple organisations with data input in other areas such as finance or sales. If you have to outsource your data entry requirements or you are planning to do this job yourself, you can benefit from the following Data Entry Tips presented by our team:


How to Improve your data input speed?


Know your software

Understanding how the data is structured and how many steps you need to follow in order to add a new entry will help you to better organise yourself. If you haven’t used that software the process can be a slow one at the beginning. But don’t despair, as you go along you will become more proficient and quicker data input rate would be achieved.


Keyboards Shortcodes: Don’t use the mouse

Using the mouse will delay your data input rate. Everytime that you remove your hand from the keyboard to reach for the mouse, you are slowed down few seconds. Depending on the software that you are using, you will find a variety of keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. One common example for almost all software is the use of the TAB when moving from one field to another. Check the keyboards shortcodes before you start and create a list on a post it. If you stick it at your eye level, after one hour you will know all the shortcodes by heart.


Numbers Keypad

If you have to add phone numbers or other related numbers to your digital form, start using the numbers keypad. It will make you efficient while typing this information as you will remember the number positions better.


How to Improve your data input accuracy?


Quiet space

Ensure that you are working in a quiet space without interruptions. Accuracy will be impacted by noise and movement around your workspace. You should try to find your own data input rhythm and stay focus during the process.


Autofill and Drop down menus

Your software may allow you to create autofill and drop down menus so you reduce the potential of human error. If a field has a number of set categories, then by typing the first few letters a suggestion will be presented to you.


Ask for a second opinion

Speed and different type of calligraphy can make difficult for you to discover if a ‘g’ is a ‘g’ or a ‘s’. Every now and then, you will find handwriting that is difficult to understand or simply it will not make sense to you. Instead of guessing, you should set that form aside and ask for a second opinion later on.


Spelling software

Speed can be detrimental to accuracy and spelling mistakes. Check if your software has the option to highlight any potential spelling mistakes and if so enable it. Otherwise, there are multiple spelling software that can be installed on your computer to ensure that your data reads as it should.


Alternatively, you can request a quote from our team and benefit of our team expertise in data input.