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Black Friday in Retail is now one the days with the biggest sales of the year and the unofficial kickoff of the Christmas campaign. Retailers have to face an immense quantity of customers avidly looking for offers. Whereas the aim should be to benefit from the opportunity and attract them to be long-term consumers. So, how do we enhance the Black Friday experience?

The buildup for the holiday will mean months of preparation and advancement. It is important for the store to update the customer journey map and to acknowledge that the customers’ behavior on the aforementioned day is not the same as it is throughout the year. Either way, what are the best steps you can take to be ready for the biggest Black Friday in Retail yet?

Acknowledge the Black Friday customers as a different target

The behavior of the normal consumer “suffers” a shift during the Black Friday, as their goals and intentions are different. Because of the nature of the day, their patterns change considerably. One study shows that reasons to cause these changes are:

  • The sleep deprivation they may suffer because of the offers timing (maybe starting at midnight or first thing in the morning).
  • The impact of the crowds in the big stores, as aggressiveness and dissatisfaction can be triggered by watching the others.
  • The generation of a competitive environment in which shoppers may fight each other for the same item.

Therefore, as an organization, you have to ensure that this year’s Black Friday in retail doesn’t trigger those same patterns. To provide a smooth experience during a busy day like this one might mean customer appreciation. Hence, a high rate of customer satisfaction could mean more conversions in the future, as they would be willing to come back to the same store. So how can you, as a retailer, provide that smooth experience?

Black Friday in Retail doesn’t have to mean disorganization and mayhem

The aim of the big day should be to accomplish customers’ expectations and try to offer the same top-quality service you have been providing throughout the year. Holidays are the time to show off what makes your company great, as it is the moment in which it will be exposed to the largest volume of clients of the year.

Start organizing your campaign way before the month of November, prepare the offers that you will give your customers and write down every new description and content. Create new designs to go with the big day and a new image content for further promotion opportunities.

Implement the Voice Search to enhance the mobile users

As eCommerce is getting stronger with every Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), you should try to enhance your online journey. For users, Black Friday means not having to look too deep into the site to find the offers they are looking for. In turn, this means you have to put those sales promotions clearly on the homepage of your site. However, don’t forget that you have to build customer loyalty throughout the whole year, so the pay-off can be this kind on these days.

Furthermore, making good and accomplished research of the Voice SEO will ensure that the voice inquiries of the potential customers can reach you, as this is now the biggest trend to come in digital marketing. As long as mobile shopping is the next frontier you should invest your time and money in mobile sites and responsive designs.

Reward early bids through a cross-channel integration

If you are trying to make the most of Black Friday in Retail, you could reward the early bidders who patiently wait for the big day. That is, you can make early contests to reward those avid consumers.

Moreover, you can engage them through social media and marketing strategies to make your offers the more attractive.

In Arema Connect, we have 17 years of experience helping clients managing these busy commercial days through our 24/7 customer support contact center. Do you want to know more about how Arema Connect can help you during Black Friday?


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