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SMS as a Marketing Strategy is often the underdog in the most favored channels to use. However, this should not be the case. It has many uses ranging from promotional purposes to product recalls.The blog below looks at the many benefits of SMS as a Marketing Strategy and why it should not be forgotten about by any Marketing Department.

1. Cost Effective

SMS is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach large volumes of people. If you do not have a large marketing budget it is a strategy that will give you a large Return On Investment (ROI). After all, it’s only a few cents to send a text to keep your customers engaged and informed.

2. Reach customers wherever they are

SMS has come a long way. It now has the capabilities to reach your customers from all corners of the globe. This proves to be extremely useful when targeting both national and international markets.

3. Re-used & Stored for later use

Creating content to keep customers engaged can be time-consuming at the best of times. SMS content can be prepared months in advance and saved for later use. This proves to be hugely beneficial coming up to busy periods in the Retail Sector such as Christmas and Mother’s Day. Your marketing team can have this content saved and ready to go.

4. Schedule

By utilizing SMS as a strategy you can schedule your texts to be sent at appropriate times. In turn, this approach cannot be achieved by utilizing cold calling most often due to resources available. By scheduling your SMS messages you can reach your customers at any time. Ideally, this function is one which can be extremely useful prior to a sale being in your brick and mortar presence or online. You can even take it a step further by reaching customers around the holiday period when the office is closed. “HAPPY CHRISTMAS”


5. Further targeting – Create groups / Segmentation

Bulk text message similar to email allows you to create groups. This is an indispensable function when running promotions of different categories of products. By having an organised database you can further ensure that your text messages are reaching the correct audiences. At Arema Connect our database management service proves to be extremely useful for many businesses within the retail sector.

6. Personal

A greater level of personalisation can be achieved by opting for SMS as a marketing strategy. A name from your customer database can be added in the click of a button. More often than not, customers will only opt for SMS updates if they are generally interested in your product or service. Therefore, it can be said that valuable customers can be reached instantly.

7. Direct & Effective

A text message is extremely direct. Unlike bulk email, you can be almost sure a text will never go under-read. Whereas, email often ends up in junk mailboxes, never opened. Text messages can include a direct call to action, whether its “visit the website” or “call us now”. Including these direct call to actions can further help you achieve your desired results. By reaching your customers on Smartphones you are providing them with a convenient way to engage with your brand. Additionally, the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be another direct way of reaching your customers.

Case Study: Voice Bulk Message

8. Integration with other channels

SMS has the functionalities to be integrated into most CRM systems. This proves to be extremely beneficial to merge your business processes and communications. Customers can receive updates of order confirmation numbers and logistical information. This function is both time saving for you and convenient for your customer.


Our Bulk SMS Service at Arema Connect

Many businesses utilize our bulk SMS Service. This service can improve engagement with your customers, increase sales opportunities and send automated alerts. The SMS service is available on both an inbound and outbound basis as per our clients’ request.