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Recently, two Arema Connect employees, Katherine Sutton -head of HR and Quality Manager- and Jackie Leahy -Key Account Manager- flew over to California to receive US customer support training from our client -which has been with us for four years- in North America.

The sales of the client -a manufacturer of consumer goods with a worldwide distribution– are made entirely through the company’s website and over the phone. One more year, Arema Connect will be providing them customer support solutions for the upcoming Christmas season.

Training in the client’s Customer Support processes and systems

During the 10 day training period our employees learnt about the methods, procedures and systems the client uses. The goal was to understand their workflow to be able to translate and improve their mechanisms with our know how and expertise.

Arema Connect is a leader in providing a top-class customer support service and our client benefits from our expertise. Therefore, this training aimed to review their complete system in order to enhance it and improve process efficiencies.

Using a train the trainer approach, Katherine and Jackie will start this week to train new recruits and update existing employees.

The projected growth of our client (20% volume within their Irish, UK, French, German and Australia markets) translates in the recruitment of more than 40 new people for the Christmas season. This is an amazing opportunity for new employees to gain a useful experience towards a future in multiplatform customer support services. The recruitment period has already started and we plan to have the new people by the end of October.

The client at the center of the customers’ journey

All things considered, Arema Connect will make an impact in the US customer support services following the same philosophy it has always encouraged. Accordingly, the client is always at the center of the customer experience and our award winning 24/7 customer contact center will continue to be recognized as a leader in outsourcing – transforming customers’ journey.

Arema Connect is always willing to go the extra mile, even literally, and visit our clients’ offices in the USA to receive a training and improve our knowledge of their methods and procedures. With this vast and profound learning of their workflow, via a “train the trainer” approach, we are able to enhance our services and offer a better assistance according to their needs.


About Sabela Rey

I am a Communications and Media graduate working as an intern at Arema Connect. I studied at the University of Santiago de Compostela and I also have a background in Film Studies and Research. Throughout my professional experience, I have worked in Marketing departments in different organizations. Here at Arema Connect I support the Marketing department with their campaigns. After my time in Cork I plan to further my experience in international and challenging environments.