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Have you optimized your online shoe store the best way possible? Other than SEO and your traffic strategies, have you designed your website in order to provide a seamless customer experience for e-shoppers? Here you have some tips to engage your audience and keep them buying your shoes online.

Customizing your online shoe store to your navigation needs

When setting up your website, you have to be careful with the broad range of needs online shoppers have. For starters, check that your site covers all of the following:

  • Loading speed up to a maximum of 2 seconds (the bouncing rate for pages that take up to 3 seconds to load is huge and we don’t want that!).
  • The page response has to be fast as well (it will reduce conversions if there is a delay).
  • All of the information has to be properly established, hence don’t make the navigation have more menus than it should. That is, no drop-down menus with infinite options within options. Don’t overcharge the site with useless information. Don’t force customers to an endless scroll to find what they are looking for (otherwise the will find it somewhere else).

Once the basics are clear, here are some ideas to enhance the experience and make it more customer-like.

Adjusting to the seasons

Customers will visit your site more often if you offer different experiences with each visit. That is, don’t make your Homepage a static one.

Change is good, therefore it is a good enhancement idea to change every now and then the first impression. We are not talking about the look-and-feel or the corporate colors (those are sacred!), but, if you are an online shoe store, it will be great to adjust your site to the shoes you may sell according to the season.

Don’t be afraid to push your boots during winter or to make your sandals be the lead characters during the summer. After all, this is likely what your customers will be searching.

This adjustment will give an idea of being up-to-date and of knowing the trends of every moment.

Customer support services to fight the cart-abandonment rate

It is hugely important to reassure customers. Should the time come of having a question, they want to know you will be there to answer.

A lack of customer support or slow response times may add up to the reasons for the online shopping cart-abandonment rates. This has a quick fix with an outsource customer support services provider, availing you of a 24/7 service to answer any of your customers’ inquiries the 365 days of the year.

A live chat, a call answering service and a customer support email are the three main tools to success in the range of customer services for your online shoe store. Don’t neglect your customer’s experience and take them all the way to your cart checkout!

Creating a sensory experience out of the website

Whereas an online shoe store can provide a better, more organized customer experience for those buyers looking to compare prices and check every item available, there is still a huge difference with the in-store experience that a website will have to tackle: the lack of sensory elements. What are some of the options to disrupt that absence of a tangible experience?

  • A sizing guide: make a good display of the sizes and offer tips to assess any doubt that may occur to a customer looking at the guide.
  • Multimedia elements: back your items with visual interaction and make your customers get a glimpse of the shoe, its material, texture and color, even if they won’t be able to touch it. A small video can be a great support, but also a full-on view of the shoe and zooming options.

Enhancing your customer experience and being customer-centric

All of these strategies focus on enhancing your customer experience as a user –or the user experience you provide-. Make it as seamless as possible is key to create long-term consumers and brand ambassadors.

As an online shoe store in USA or an etailer, you want to be as customer-centric and customer-obsessed as possible, because the customer is always right!

Do you want to know how we can help you achieve these goals? Arema Connect is a leader outsourcing provider of customer support solutions with a proven track record of 17 years in the business. We are experienced, professional and the we go the extra mile to meet your needs and assess your growth.

Arema Connect's infographic about adapting your online shoe store to your customers

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