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How the employee feels about working at Arema Connect? What issues they have? What can we improve? That’s what we asked to our employees.

We conducted an employee satisfaction survey in August and now we have all results. Great results, of course, that encouraged us to do the best in future.

The survey is anonymous to get answers as honest as possible. All the data was divided in three main topics: the working conditions, the skills and training and the feelings towards the job and the company.

What about the working conditions?

The majority of our employees acknowledge that they are supervised about right!. In addition, they receive feedback by management most often. Employees say that the expectations of management team are very realistic.

Over the 80% of respondents state the distribution of the workload is good. Moreover, a vast majority of them would not like to change anything in their job.

What about skills and training?

Concerning job specific training provided, the majority of the employees claim that it is satisfactory. Everyone agrees that the training provided by is beneficial.

In addition, we asked to our employees to give their opinions on training: one to one training, group training, email training, online training, external training, location client training, other training (external…), as well as on the time allocated for training.

Overall, they are satisfied with the time allocated for the training. Employees are fonder of one to one and online training.

Moreover, the vast majority of the respondents is  familiar with all these items: Data Protection Laws, job responsibilities, Health and Safety Policies, Employee Handbook and Individual Contract Service Level Agreement.

As for the telephone etiquette, respondents state they are between 3 and 5 out of 5.

What about feeling towards the job and the company?

A great majority of the respondent like their job a little or to a moderate amount. Some of them like their job a great deal! There are no respondents that dislike their job. That’s a great success for us!

In addition, people are more likely to recommend the company to a potential client than to a friend or a colleague. No one is unlikely to recommend the company!

Another satisfying fact is that more than half of the employees plan to stay with us more than 5 years.

Respondents are happy with the atmosphere, the people, and the management team. Many compliments to the management team for their help, approachability and support.

To conclude, it was very important for us to read all opinions and suggestions. This employee satisfaction survey is fundamental for us to know what are our employees’ needs in order to offer better conditions to them every year.

So, thank you everyone for your participation!


About Annalisa

I am a Communications graduate working as an intern at Arema Connect in a European placement. I have a background in Communications Sciences and foreign languages from University of Calabria and I have worked in a vast range of different activities within Communications departments, press and media. At Arema Connect I am supporting the Marketing department. After the completion of my internship, I would like to travel and gain additional experience in the communications field.