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Arema Connect is in the process of hiring 20 new positions for the upcoming Christmas season campaign for our Cork Call Centre located in Blackpool. The recruitment period has already started and it is another big step in Arema’s process of expansion after 17 years being a leader outsource provider for Irish and international companies.

During the month of September, Arema Connect’s Human Resources team presented our company to potential employees across Cork. These presentations had great turnouts and attendees proved to be extremely enthusiastic by asking several questions. In this blog we summarise the Question and Answer session held after two of these presentations. If you want to apply for a job, send us your CV to

What open positions are in your Cork Call Centre at the moment?

The duties of the new employee would imply a whole variety of tasks within the Customer Service. They would be in charge of handling emails, answering phone calls or managing a live chat service. Thus getting a lot of experience in the lead CRM systems in the market. A service orientated aptitude and the ability to provide accurate information about the products and services offered by our client will be valued in new recruits. Computer knowledge would be essential for the role.

Once you are working for Arema Connect, the possibilities are endless as there will always be room for the person to grow within the company. As Katie Murphy pointed out during her recruitment presentation, “80 % of the management team started off as agents”.

Additionally, the experience of working at our Cork Call Centre will be a really valuable one to add to a Curriculum Vitae. It will entail experience and knowledge working with the most popular CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Hybris and UPS Preferred Helpdesk.

Why should I choose Arema Connect as an employer?

At Arema Connect, we believe our people are our greatest asset. We also believe that “teamwork makes the dream work”.

“In Arema Connect, you are more than just a number, people are treated as people”, Katie Murphy, Marketing department.

Arema Connect works as an outsource provider specialized in going the extra mile to deliver a top-class customer service.

What is it like to work in our Cork Call Centre?

The enticing job conditions were one of the questions that interested the assistants the most. Many of them had a misleading idea of how a contact centre works. We are aware that there are a lot of stereotypes regarding the contact centre’s world. The environment is usually depicted as one in which limited toilet breaks are allowed and the calls are timed in order to measure the productivity in terms of minutes.

The participants obviously cared about those issues and our experts were also concerned in dismantling that kind of misconceptions. Many pointed out that the industry incurs a high staff turnover (of the 22 %) or that the job as a customer service representative is wearisome and without any room to grow.

Whereas at Arema Connect we beg to differ. We are very proud to say that we have a low staff turnover (just the 8 %). We also offer a positive work environment with the opportunity to grow within the company, as every contract is appraised after the initial 6 months.

One attendee posed an interesting question about the job being sales orientated. Our representatives replied that not at all, customer support can only mean that for us.

Do you want to check it? Do you think you would be fit for the job? Send us your CV to


About Sabela Rey

I am a Communications and Media graduate working as an intern at Arema Connect. I studied at the University of Santiago de Compostela and I also have a background in Film Studies and Research. Throughout my professional experience, I have worked in Marketing departments in different organisations. Here at Arema Connect I support the Marketing department with their campaigns. After my time in Cork I plan to further my experience in international and challenging environments.