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An insight into the buyer journey: How to increase sales this Holidays?

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the retail sector. Businesses spend money and resources to increase sales during this period. Success rates are guaranteed by supporting clients during their Christmas Buyer Journey.

  • Shopping Starts online: Customers are rationalising and validating their purchase decisions by web searches on your company, products and after sales support service levels. It is the primary location for research, looking at reviews, comparing prices or store location finders. As a retailer, you must take advantage of this by having a website that is user-friendly, with easy navigation and has well-advertised incentives for the customer.
  • Sales Support: The buying process needs to be smooth and easy in this step. The decision is made. Help your costumers to buy from you.
  • Customer Care: After Sales Support is vital to delivering the customer buying experience. After sales support is where ‘customer loyalty’ is created and the following communication channels can assist you in deliverance: live chat support, email handling, telephone support and social media management.

The Internet is a cost effective strategy to increase sales, create brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction levels

Christmas Internet Shopping Whitepaper Key Points

  • The status of Shopping online 380,890,738 potential English speakers’ buyers are looking for your business.
  • Buyer Journey: It Starts online 81% of consumers do research online before making a purchasing decision. [Source: GE Capital Bank]
  • Buyer Journey: The Power of Decision The internet empowers customers: their options are global and multichannel.
  • Buyer Journey: After Sales Support and its importance The Customer Journey is ongoing and it is important to remember that the internet lends itself to your clients becoming powerful brand ambassadors.

Discover in this whitepaper how to increase your sales this Christmas by supporting your customers’ shopping journey.