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If you work in the retail sector, your team is most likely finalising plans for the Christmas campaign. You should never forget the Christmas Retail Customer Services that you will be providing to your clients and how will you be supporting their Christmas Shopping Experience.

How to increase sales by giving 360-degree customer support pre, during and after sales?

The Christmas buying season is starting earlier and earlier. Why not prepare for it by outsourcing to a call center with a proven track record in providing bespoke customer support during office hours, after hours and 24/7. Outsourcing to a call center from September onwards, you can create strong customer relationships throughout the season, including Christmas day and bank holidays. Why should you outsource?

  • The service can be tailored to your needs
  • Your team will follow the procedure as outlined by you
  • Calls are handled as per your instructions
  • Integrate your outsourced team with your system


What are benefits of outsourcing your Retail Customer Support Call Center Support?

With the popularity of selling routes like click & collect at the moment, you need to respond to every call, email and live chat quickly. Outsourcing customer support to a trustworthy call center will boost your sales by increasing the number of customer interactions you can have especially at Christmas with the rise of sales inquiries and upselling opportunities.

  • Be open Office hours, Afterhours and 24/7Arema Connect Call Centre Agent with Christmas Hat
  • Boost sales by creating satisfied customers
  • Create repeat business and a loyal custom base
  • Outsourcing is cost-effective – only pay for what you get
  • Service integrated with your own software
  • Multi-channel support including telephone, live chat and email
  • Tailor-made service including message taking service, sales line, customer care, booking line…


How to get support for your Christmas Retail Customer Services campaign? Fast set up with Minimal Downtime

Outsourcing your Customer Support this Christmas couldn’t be simpler. Our experience in this business sector combined with our excellent trainers allow for a smooth transition this Christmas. Get in early this holiday season and gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the field. A call centre team will…

  • answer in your business’ name
  • provide timely solutions
  • Provide Sales Information
  • Sale Services and Products over the phone
  • Use up-selling techniques to increase your sales
  • Support customers after their purchase
  • Manage refunds, if required
  • Will escalate/transfer calls in adherence to your policies and procedures


Why Arema Connect this Christmas?

We offer multichannel customer support 24/7 365 days a year. We are target driven when it comes to providing world-class support to your customers. Our services have helped companies not only over Christmas but all year round. We have had and still retain great working relationships with our clients due to the great lines of communication we maintain with our clients. Arema Connect Call Center gives you:

  • Experience in customer support since 2001
  • An ISO 9000 accredited call centre
  • A company with a low attrition rate allowing for a great experience in the office
  • A dedicated point of contact between both companies
  • Multi-channel customer support Live Chat, E-mail, Telephone Answering, Outbound Telephone Services and more
  • The facilities to integrate our software systems with yours
  • A secure software system compliant with data regulations
  • All calls recorded for monitoring purposes
  • Experienced Agents knowledgeable on our clients’ service level expectations
  • Great staff harmony

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