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When we talk about Call Centres in Cork, the Arema Connect name comes to the mind for both existing and previous clients & employees. Arema Connect is one of the longest contact centres in operation on the region. We opened our phone lines in August 2001 and this year we are celebrating our 17th anniversary. From the beginning, Pat Keogh wanted to make a difference in the way that organizations operate and support their customers.

On Friday night we celebrated our 17th anniversary. Over 30 employees attended the event with the excuse of opening our new office in Blackpool.

Arema Connect office in 2018 - Call Centres Cork

Arema Connect Offices

Offering our 24/7 contact centre services to the national and international market, we are supporting the growth of the Irish economy and creating employment in Cork City. – Pat Keogh, Managing Director

Check our Story here.  This year we have a lot to celebrate.

What happened in our Cork Call centre in 2017-2018?

17 reasons for celebrating 17 years service…

Many might wonder what all the fuss and commotion is about… Well, this August we are celebrating 17 years of service. This gave us the thought that we have so many reasons to celebrate these 17 years, 17 reasons to be exact. So the following blog will look at these reasons we have to celebrate. That is to say, we didn’t just throw a party for any ole reason.

If you want to be part of our story and you are looking for a job in the area of Call Centres in Cork, stay tuned!  We will announce our vacancies for Customer Service Representatives.