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Customer Service Representatives play a vital role in providing customer support and care. That is to say, they are at the forefront of most interactions with the customer. In many cases, they become the face/voice that your customers associate with your brand. Many are under the illusion that anyone at all can be a Customer Service Representative. However, there are many traits needed to be a top Customer Service Representative. At Arema Connect we believe our people are our greatest asset. The traits discussed in the following blog are at the forefront of our person specification when recruiting.

1. Friendly

Friendliness is a huge bonus for any Customer Service Representative. The nature of most interactions is a two-way direction. By greeting and dealing with an interaction in a friendly manner greatly contributes to the customer’s overall experience.

2. Cool, calm and collected

Sometimes Customer Service Representatives are presented with situations where customers may be distressed and upset. Ultimately, in these situations, it is vital for the Representative to remain calm, as it can overall defuse stressful situations for the customer. On the flip side of this, overreacting will only upset the customer further.

3. Knowledge base of the product/service

Knowledge is power. In order to provide customers with support, it is vital that the Customer Service Representative knows the ins and out of the product or service discussed. While training is provided, a genuine interest in the area is a bonus. Additional reading and research may be needed as the service evolves. Ultimately, customers are more reassured and enticed when they are provided with detailed information.

4. Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills are vital to be a successful Customer Service Representative. When dealing with multiple customer cases, it is of huge importance to deal with them in a timely manner. These cases may involve logistical inquiries, processing refunds and arranging collections’ returns for customers. Dealing with these cases swiftly can increase customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty. Time management and organisational skills go hand in hand to make this possible.

5. Communication Skills

Communication skills could be deemed as one of the most important traits for a Customer Service Representative to posses. This involves being a good listener and being articulate when interacting with the customer. As the customer-centric era is truly upon us, customers need to feel that they are being listened to.

6. Positivity

Positivity should be echoed in all interactions with the customer. A positive Customer Service Representative has the ability to work wonders for your brand. Positivity can be transposed from the beginning of an interaction with a customer. Using both positive tone of voice and language in greetings and closing off interactions with customers greatly impacts their overall experience. Customers are more likely to make referrals to friends, family and colleges when they have received excellent customer service. Additionally, if a customer is having a bad day a positive Customer Service Representative can assist in making it somewhat better.

7. Empathetic

Empathy is hugely important trait for a Customer Service Representative to posses. While one step is to listen to the customer when they are having a problem ,the next step is to be empathetic and really make the customer feel that you care. By being empathetic customers are less likely to complain or share their negative experiences on Social Media.

8. Customer focused

All departments and employees within in an organisation should be customer focused. That is to say, this means going above and beyond for the customer. Customer Service Representatives who go the extra mile to make the customer happy are a valuable asset to any business.

9. Problem Solver

Some interactions with the customer may be more straightforward than others. More often than not, a standard process is followed when answering General FAQs and queries. However, a Customer Service Representative can find themselves in a situation which may not be the ordinary run of the mill. Such situations need problem solvers. Rather than pondering on the problem, finding a solution is ultimately whats needed. In turn, this requires someone that can think outside the box but still ensure brand consistency.

10. Persuasion Skills

A Customer Service Representative has many roles and functions. One of which can be cross-selling and up-selling. The nature of sales is to be persuasive. This is a trait which can also be put to use when a customer needs reassurance. Ultimately, this could be with relation to product logistics and awaiting a refund.


How we recruit Top Customer Service Representatives?

At Arema Connect we have an extensive recruitment process. This allows us to employ people which are best qualified and suited to the job. The Company implements a number of stages in the recruitment and selection process to achieve the aim of recruiting the most suitable candidate for the role as seen below:

10 skills that make a top Customer Service Representative - Arema Connect's Recruitment Process

  • Job Description & Person Specification– The person specification will identify the personal attributes that the job holder must possess in order to be capable of performing the job to a high standard.
  • Advertisement – We advertise job listing both internally and externally.
  • Short Listing – A short listing panel with a minimum of 3 of our Management Team review all applications. All applicants who meet the selection criteria are invited to attend an interview.
  • Interviews –  All questions posed to the candidates relate directly to the person’s ability to do the job.
  • Reference Check –  Our recruitment team contact 2 of the job applicant’s previous employers, schools, colleges and other sources to learn more about the applicant’s employment history.
  • Candidate Skill Testing – Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates’ suitability for a role. Arema Connect use these to asses our candidates’ logical reasoning or thinking performance. Due to the significant growth of Technology, computer skills testing is fundamental as it will allow us to measure our candidate’s proficiency when using internet browsers and common desktop application such as word processing programs. This test includes speed typing test, use of telephones, excel and other important technological asses.
  • Trial Period – We give each candidate a trial period. Successful candidates are then offered employment with us.
  • Welcome to Arema Connect – Successful candidates receive a welcoming pack when offered the role to join our team.


Our future recruitment plans…

We are currently recruiting 40 Customer Service Representatives, if you are interested in being a part of the Arema Connect Team visit: Arema Connect Careers