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By 2021 there is set to be 30.2 billion active Social Media users worldwide. That is to say, it is vital to be where your customers are. There are huge benefits of providing great Social Media Customer Support. Some of these benefits include:

  • Swift Response Times
  • Personalised Service
  • Proactive approach to controlling your brand image
  • Tune in to what your customers are saying
  • The ability to take it a step further


The true measure of your success is the benefits you provide to others…

Swift Response Time: Now days, in the fast pace world we live in , many customers don’t have time to be frustratingly searching a website looking for a contact number or waiting on an email response. Therefore, providing your customers with swift response times is hugely important. With the large variety of Social Media platforms that are utilised from Twitter to Facebook it is now possible to respond to your customer in a more timely manner. It can be said, time is of the essence.

Personalised Service: While Email and Telephone can be personalised, what’s not to say that Social Media can’t be either. Customer Support through Social Media can provide your customers with an element of increased personalisation. Many of top brands provide photographs of their Customer Support Agents on their Social Media platforms. In turn, this allows customers to put a face to the name. Social Media responses can be signed off by a particular agent on the various platforms, allowing for cases to be visible closed by one agent. In addition, this allows for increased satisfaction for the customer as they feel more valued.

Proactive approach to controlling your brand image: Being proactive proves to be more successful than being reactive. Taking a proactive approach to Social Media Customer Support allows for you to constantly engage with your customer, even when a problems may arise. Furthermore, there is a huge amount of customer satisfaction achieved by interacting with your customers.

Tune in to what your customers are saying: Having Social Media Customer Support in place allows you to really listen to what your customers are saying. This may simply be monitoring Tweets, Facebook posts and other Social Media mentions of your brand. In turn, customer pain points may be highlighted as it may be evident that many of your online community face the same problems while engaging with your brand.


Word of mouth = World of mouse


The ability to take it a step further: Many customers will post on Social Media when something negative happens with a brand. However, few post when they are happy with a product or service. This can be greatly overcome by responding to customers and thank them for their positive feedback or rating. By doing so the customer feels rewarded for taking the time to praise your brand. By responding to this positive feedback it will encourage other customers to do the same or simply share and retweet such feedback.

Leave a Social Media Footprint the world can see…

By providing great Social Media Customer Support you can drive brand awareness and loyalty. By executing great things for your Customers on Social Media it will allow for the world to see the great capabilities of your brand.