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Another Year of world cup fever is truly underway, and undoubtedly some of the world’s finest team scorers outshine themselves to the Playoffs. As teams stubble and fumble. The same attitude is true for Customer Contact Centers.

If you have an experienced team on the field, you will certainly reach goal success. The same is true for a Contact Centre Team.

The best Manager can motivate and make a team brilliant, but they can’t make a poor team into the greatest.

In the Customer Contact Centre, having the correct Managers and peers inspire their agents to continuously strive for improving their game. However, it may be more difficult for some managers to push unmotivated employees into achieving ‘employee of the month’ recognition.

If you have let say, 97 out of 100 best performing agents, that is not an adequate contribution to the overall employee morale. Just as one player on the pitch can become injured, a poor contact Centre agent can have an impact on clients customers too. This can lower the overall performance of the Contact Centre. With a team of new agents, it’s important that you have a team of top scorers in the sector, that is to say, having the best

You can lose a Contact Centre agent the same manner in which top players leave, because of unfavorable conditions. Having favourable working conditions and applying a competitive advantage can create the best team morale, second to none. Ensuring that you keep your top performers. While football managers aren’t miracle workers, they are the motivators in the Contact Centre; they do have the responsibility along with the rest of the Staff and agents to succeed in delivering a service of top-flight quality.  Outside of performance, it is important to provide supports such as encouragement many examples include on-site yoga!



Do you have the tools and facilities to provide for a best in class work-space? Some of the world’s leading businesses in their respective industries provide much more than a place to work – but to nurture and encourage their Staff.


Three Tactics to Win


1. Having the Right team, with a dynamic CRM platform

Having the right set of teams to effectively manage several scenarios at once. This is something that can’t be thought, but is enhanced by on the job training, while encompassing both the agents extrinsic and intrinsic qualities. Playing ball with numerous activities, such as on the managing calls on the Phone, replying to Emails and responding to Livechats at the same time is initially challenging, but through experience, this becomes a skilled quality.


2. 360 Degree Customer View

Through having a holistic view of a Customers experience through their many touch points, such as the experience throughout an Omnichannel, Customer service/ Contact Centre Agents are at a home advantage by the CRM platform in place. By having access to the Callers interactions in real-time this helps to score efficient customer service, while meeting best in class customer experience qualities.


3. Flexible Success & Evaluate Performance 

By having the correct management team in place, the key is to implement a robust and flexible set of agents, who are adaptable to the  changing business environments. By planning for this, clear, effective and a targeted strategy should be communicated clearly. Set your squad so that their tasks and responsibilities can later be quantified. Re-examine the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) to gauge team efficiency, where necessary – make the substitution.

Balancing Act

This game is a balancing act, where striking a balance between Customer Experience and Efficiency takes time through training.

Winning Team

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Last March we held an awards night celebrating our staff accomplishments throughout the previous year. More recently we held a team building exercise in tandem with our PSYCHED initiative. We held a fundraiser event at our Contact Centre for MS Ireland. Our team made a winning contribution and raised valuable funds by hosting a bake sale. Funds raised will go towards vital research.

Staff Excellence Awards 2017-2018

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