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Start exporting quickly and pain-free

Exporting is a valuable opportunity to increase benefits for your company. Businesses need to account cost considerations, resources required and cultural aspects of the foreign market at the initial exporting stages. There are four main reasons for exporting your products and services:

  • Access to more customers America has a population of 319,510,848; the United States Census Bureau estimates 7.158 living humans on Earth.
  • Prolong life cycle of a product/ service You can enter on emergent markets by exporting your goods and services. This is a perfect solution for business selling in mature markets. Old technology in the USA can be pretty new within other countries.
  • Resilience to economic changes Crisis can affect specific economies and countries. Expanding your market will reduce your exposure to a potential crisis.
  • Job creation Selling your products/services outside the US will increase the number of jobs created in America and will impact positively on your economy.

This “export whitepaper” will provide you with an insight on how to start exporting with limited exposure by using outsourcing partners. It will provide you with an overview of the benefits of performing market research exercises and availing of contact centre services within the foreign market.  

Export whitepaper key points:

  • Why Export? Selling your products and goods outside the U.S. increase exponentially your number of clients and profit margins.
  • What to consider before exporting? Before selling outside the U.S. you need to consider: cost, resources required, country culture and language.
  • Market Research Research on your new market will reduce cost and potential mistakes during the operations set up.
  • Contact Centre Using a contact centre within your new market will provide you with a cost-effective solution, proximity to your new clients and extra resources in situ

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