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Fact: There is no “I” in team. The Oxford dictionary defines teamwork as “the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient”. Teamwork is vital for any organisation to function to the best of its ability. In the world of Contact Centers it is even more important to have a strong team spirit. The nature of the work is team dependent. Contact Centers are stressful environments at the best of times; however, with the support of the team, this can be greatly overcome. With the World Cup upon us, it further highlights the importance of a team. No games are won unless all players work together towards one goal. Similarly, in a business, goals and objectives are more easily achieved when everyone works in the same direction.

6 Benefits of teamwork

Teamwork divides the the tasks & multiplies the success

1. There is strength in numbers- 

Teamwork allows for each individuals strengths to be put to optimum use. On the flip side, weaknesses can be addressed. By establishing strengths and weaknesses of each team member, when assigning tasks these can be greatly taken into consideration.


2. Many hands make light work- 

By establishing a strong team spirit, it ensures no one becomes overloaded with work. Naturally, working as part of a team allows for workloads to be distributed evenly. Furthermore, this ensures that all the work is not left to one person.


3. Higher Productivity – 

The element of teamwork has a huge impact on productivity. Harmony ensures much better results and productivity is achieved. Productivity and teamwork go hand in hand. Whereby, any team member that is under pressure can count on someone else to lend a helping hand. Furthermore, this ensures that the desired results are achieved for the client, without depending on one individual.


4. Reduces conflict- 

Ensuring there is a strong sense of teamwork, greatly reduces conflict in the workplace. Additionally, businesses who have to spend less time on Human Resource (HR) issues have more time to focus elsewhere. That is to say, more time can be spent on new idea generation, improving processes and acquiring new clients.


5. Makes recruitment in your business more attractive- 

It’s a given that potential candidates are more likely to apply to jobs in businesses that have an evident team spirit. In turn, this can help your business to attract great, highly skilled candidates. Many organisations suffer when there is poor morale and often this effects recruitment and potential clients.


6. Happy employee, happy customer – 

By placing a strong emphasis on teamwork this leads to positive internal relations, this is then transposed to the customer. Without a doubt, businesses with poor internal relations often fall victim to poor interactions with the customer.

Fostering our team spirit – Go Team!

On Friday last, all the Arema Connect team headed to The Glen Resource Centre to further foster our team spirit. After being divided into two teams we took part in several activities including:

  • The Crate Stack
  • The Gladiator Challenge
  • Snow Tubing

While of course there was an element of competitiveness, the overall atmosphere was fun. The activities were great icebreakers and allowed everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level. Arema Connect ramp up during our client’s busy periods, some of which are seasonal. Therefore, recently we have had many new recruits to the team. The activities really brought home the fact that everyone has strengths and weaknesses which can be addressed by working as part of a team. Our Managing Director, Pat Keogh places a strong emphasis on Arema Connect, being an organisation that promotes well- being amongst its employees. Arema Connect is a people-organisation and they are our most valuable resource. This outing further added to our PSYCHED initiative here at Arema Connect.

We believe our team is your team

Finally, a  HUGE thank you to The Glen Resource Centre, Our Managing Director, Pat Keogh and our HR/Quality Manager Katherine Sutton for organizing this fantastic outing.