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We know everyone is excited about summer holidays. But, have you the appropriate preparation and support services in place for your holiday cover? Ensure you have the correct staffing to keep your business in operation and provide excellent customer service. Basic things such as call management or email handling are vital to keeping customers and users of your business happy. Fulfilling adequate staffing cover can be itself a headache.

The challenge you may face, if you are a sole trader or a small-medium sized enterprise is the availability of staff to support your client-facing activities. However, we can provide for overhead cover of services such as Call Management, Email handling, Social Media Assistance and administrative support on a 24/7 basis.


Holiday Cover Consideration

You should ensure you have appropriate arrangements for staffing and for seamless delivery of your duties. Consider previous arrangements. Answer the following questions:

  • Are there duties that need to be done during this period?
  • Is there other staff available, do they have more urgent deadlines to meet?
  • Can you organise extra cover?

How to prepare your summer holiday cover?

The challenge is though, preparing for employees when they take their holiday leave. Unexpectedly, they may be entitled to leave of absence.

With relation to the unprecedented weather events that occurred last winter and this spring, businesses face an enormous administrative nightmare. The issues of rostering and backdating employee entitlement of holidays have become challenging. For those that got stuck doing essential over-time. If you need a temporary staffing solution, with regard to Administrative and Professional duties this type of cover, will have a desirable effect on your operations. As an understaffed business has a counterproductive element, affecting your bottom line.

If you have a preferred mode of assisting your Customers, we can fulfil this action in house, in our Irish based Contact Centre. We have dedicated teams of agents with experience in many sectors.

Alternatively, if you need further guidance. we can help devise and create process and procedures for aligning your holiday cover. We have previous experience in structuring Call scripts and process flows for your particular management. All the details logged are then captured in our GDPR compliant relationship management software, to which you will have access to, via secure remote login or to have particular instances forwarded to you by Email.

Services available

To ensure adequate holiday cover support, and to provide a thorough customer service level, you may wish to leverage their duties to substitute staff. That approach itself has an HR challenge. While engaging a specialist outsourcing provider, you can rest assured that the many customer service channels you operate are still manned. Call Management, Email handling, Social Media monitoring are some of the supports services that we provide clients with. Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss arrangements with you…

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