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Web Chat

Using a Multichannel service like a web chat tool is an integral touch point for your customers. Not only does this straighten your digital presence – but vastly improves your efforts to providing a fuller Omnichannel approach to customer service.

According to information by Lucy Holloway, published on, you will benefit from a reduced departmental overhead spend, where a traditional call to an agent costs you at least US$12. Whereas, a live chat interface simply incurs a cost of US$5. That is to say, web chat is a cheaper alternative. In turn, this highlights just one of the many benefits of using a Web Chat service. Secondly, it costs 33% less than an agent staffing a traditional phone line. Additionally, utilising a web chat feature also reduces shopping cart abandonment.

Interestingly, a Live Chat service provides customers with an indispensable resource during their online sales journey. Satisfaction levels are far greater than that of its contact centre substitutes. Its many functionalities include:

  • Sales & Service 
  • Supports & Information Sought
  • Complaints & Resolution 
Live Chat Satisfaction Levels -

Web Chat Satisfaction Levels – Econsultancy

The Top five tips when using a Web Chat service:

  1. HIGHLIGHT: Ensure your Live Chat feature plug-in/ tool is visible throughout the customers’ sales journey on your commerce site. From this, your agents should promptly prioritize the chat’s requirement, i.e. a Customer Service Issue or a General Query.
  2. PROACTIVE: Through a thorough analysis of your individual sales goals you should place the Live Chat feature to Pop-Up and engage with your customers. This involves assessing the typical browsing nature of your Customers. A strategically placed Live Chat feature further encourages a Call-to-Action.
  3. LESS IS MORE: Where relevant, ensure that you only capture the required amount of information. Simply, names phone numbers or an email address is sufficed initially. From this, you can route the interaction further to the relevant teams. Keep in mind GDPR regulation!
  4. ENGAGEMENT: Human interaction is fundamental. Although customers will look for assistance, having the correct Knowledge-base in place is an efficient approach to dealing with minor queries. Directing them to such over Web Chat increases agents performance. Where an issue is more technical or involves more investigation, refer them to an agent who can assist further over telephone, for example.
  5. INTEGRATE: You should provide for the total, or near complete Omnichannel customer support service for your business. Ideally, optimization of your Web Chat service for Mobile users, ensuring that Service supports is readily available to them on the go. Providing an integrated suite across your bricks and mortar presence drives consistency through complementing the many channels: Email, Call Management, Social Media Monitoring and SMS Text Messaging.

At Arema Connect, we can provide you with the capabilities when integrating the many channels you operate. We deliver a holistic approach to representing a brand experience. Whether you choose to operate a Multi-channel or Omnichannel customer experience, we deliver excellent customer service conveniently and effectively. We have the dedicated teams and agents to tie the human element. – Our trained staff assists customers, fulfilling your brand experience.

If you are interested in using a Web Chat feature channel, connect with us today. We can discuss with you some examples of how we worked with many of our Clients. We tailor and integrate with many of the Industry leading software suppliers, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Live Help Now, Live Person,…