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Our clients’ background


Our Client is a charitable organisation whose objective and purpose is the social well-being of members of society within their scope. They depend on donators and supporters for the success of their organisation. Additionally, for this reason they hold fundraising events to get new sponsorship and further supports.

Organisations in the charity sector are holding principle 4 campaigns (This ensures that all charitable organisations follow the necessary steps when contacting anyone of their data subjects) for the new GDPR Regulations. Our clients’ main focus was to contact all members within their organisation.

The aim of this campaign was to get the consent of our Client’s data subjects before sending any marketing materials from the charitable organisation.


Why our client needed our support

It is typical for organisations like charitable business to be in possession of information and data from various members of the public; therefore they have to follow the same data protection regulations, just as multinational and private companies. This client in the charity sector had a large database of subjects to contact before the GDPR deadline. Our client’s main focus was to contact the following:

  1. Donors, supporters and Sponsors – To get their approval before sending them any marketing materials. Due to the new GDPR regulations, charities can’t send any marketing material without the prior approval of their donor/supporter/sponsor recipients.
  2. Campaign Organisers- Our client also had to contact their organisers for approval before sending them any marketing materials. This list contained over one thousand people.

All approval had to be captured, recorded and stored for potential GDPR compliance audits.

The two solutions were available to them:

  • Hire and train staff
  • Outsource to Arema Connect

Our client noticed this was time consuming and pressurising, therefore they outsourced to Arema Connect for our outbound customer services.

Clients’ benefit from Arema Connect support


Arema Connect is an Irish owned 24/7 contact centre and has been in business for over 17 years. Our company has experience in delivering excellent outbound support campaigns to many clients.

Arema Connect provided the solution to addressing the GDPR concerns of this Charity, as Arema connect took the responsibilities of contacting all data subjects of our client in order to gain their consent & permission to have their personal details used.

Our client provided us with an encrypted database that was uploaded onto our CRM auto dialer which was the responsibility of our Key Account Manager Kelley Phelan.

Our employees are fully trained with regard to GDPR and furthermore signed a NDA agreement prior to working with us. Each staff member has attended an internal training session on GDPR practices, highlighting the impact it has on both us and our clients.



The project scope was to contact over 1000 people in a 4 week period time and we got a high response rate. Arema Connect delivered this project on time. There were three rounds of calls made and after each round result / feedback was given to our client for status update.

Respondents were asked to confirm their consent to:-

  • Receiving all marketing materials from our client,
  • Having their personal data details stored and used by the charity for upcoming support campaigns, and,
  • The right to be forgotten, i.e., the option to have their details removed from Client’s database / records.

At the end of the campaign, a report was generated by our Key Account Manager. Our client was provided with the outcome of this particular project; this contained the overall results of the campaign. Post campaign, Arema Connect removed our clients’ database from our systems – in full compliance with GDPR.

Market Research Conclusion

Charitable organisations across Ireland are now planning the steps necessary in order to comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by the May 25th deadline.  

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