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Education Provider Client description

Our client is an education provider in the area of technology. They provide courses for adults and children related to the use of the Internet and Social Media. Their courses focus on the benefits of using these tools and what mechanism can be developed to protect the young ones from cyberbullying, and other related situations.


Objective of this Case Study:

This case study describes our team’s ability to perform outbound campaigns to promote business and introduce new products. It provides evidence of…

  • Integration of our contact centre team with marketing departments for specific campaigns
  • Arema Connect’s experience in the education sector
  • The process followed to perform outbound campaigns adhering to data protection regulations
  • Overview of the day to day activities provided including:
    • Telephone Outbound Campaign
    • Developing suitable scripts to increase the success of the campaign
    • Reporting capabilities
    • Ability to meet service level


Project & Scope of Work: Supporting the Marketing Department of Education Provider

The scope of this specific case study was defined by our client’s marketing department. They had been collaborating with different schools in the past and wanted to offer them a new course. The role of our team was to contact these schools and evaluate their interest. If they were positively interested, then send an e-mail with additional information and arrange a call back from their sales department representative.

A script was prepared by our client and changes were suggested by our team after a few trial calls. The final script included 11 steps:

Phone Call Steps proposed by client


Meeting clients’ requirements: Promotion of our client’s services – Outbound telephone and e-mail campaign

In our experience, the education sector is a good fit for Arema Connect as we can provide them with inbound call handling, email & web chat support and in addition our team are fully trained on a range of CRM systems. We have also conducted bespoke on-site market research projects for two Third Level Institutions. We provide telephone answering services to three Institutes of Technology in Ireland, and we support administrative and customer support for online education and e-learning providers (e.g. registration support, technical solutions…).

Arema Connect has the capability and knowledge to complete this outbound campaign within the timeline specified by our client. Overall our team has previous experience of interacting with principals & teachers and understand their decision-making process. We designated a key account manager for the project, who was the main point of contact for our client and provided updates twice per day.

The outbound campaign had to be performed during school hours, and to maximise the response rate it had to match teachers’ timetable (so they were not in class). This impacted on resource allocation and we provided an inbound phone line for teachers who wished to return our calls. Additionally, an e-mail account was set for our team to send brochures and additional information as required by the teachers.



We contacted a total of 4,000 schools over the period of 4 weeks. An activity report was sent to our client everyday for follow up phone calls. It detailed the number of phone calls performed, callbacks required and the number of e-mails sent. Overall, it was a successful campaign and really enjoyable for our team.

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