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Online Shoe Retailing

Over the last few years, Online Shoe Retailing in the US has been growing at a rate of 9.2%. The shift from the product and price era means that the age of the customer is truly upon us. To maximize customer satisfaction, it is vital that the correct support channels are in place. The customer should be at the forefront of all organisation’s plans. Top online shoe retailers ensure customers can reach them using a variety of touch points. However, many online shoe retailers face the difficulty of providing excellent customer care. There are a variety of outsourced channels that can support customers which include: Telephone and Call Management, Live Chat Support, Email Handling, Social Media Monitoring and SMS Messaging Assistance. This paper highlights the most common problems faced and takes an in depth look at the best channels for providing customer support.

Online Shoe Retailing & the Challenges of Customer Care - Whitepaper

This Whitepaper highlights the Online Shoe Retailing in the US and the Challenges of Customer Care