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This client are responsible for more 1.5 million vehicles worldwide. They operate in 32 countries and have become the World’s leading fleet management service. In Ireland they currently employ 80 people and are responsible for 16,000 vehicles nationwide. The client is outsourcing their inbound and follow up calls to Arema Connect.

Problem Definition- Decision made to outsource Inbound and follow up calls:

Providing a service of car leasing means that a high level of customer service is involved. From booking information to inbound and outbound breakdown assistance.The client recognized that there was an increasing demand in callers to their service. This would mean hiring more staff which in turn would be a time consuming recruitment process. Staff that had been hired would have to be trained and assigned to the particular area at hand. In turn this would have meant setting up a larger in house call center to meet demands.Leading to the decision to outsource.


Choosing Arema Connect was extremely suitable for both parties. Conveniently both the client and Arema Connect have a strong emphasis on providing their customers with a high quality service. Ideally having priorities aligned made the process for both parties much easier.High quality and customer service are at the forefront of both brands. The line was divided into six main areas:

  • Accident Assistance
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Tyre Assistance
  • Service or repair Assistance
  • Road Tax Assistance
  • Driver Support Assistance


Arema manages all calls from breakdown assistance and service or repair assistance. Agents at Arema Connect are trained in the appropriate areas to manage such inbound calls and follow up calls for booking purposes. Other calls including driver support and road tax assistance are transferred to the Vehicle Of Road (VOR) line. After the out sourced lines were chosen, an appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was designed specifically for the client. In turn this acquires the relevant information needed for the client to address the purpose of callers to the line. This continues to be extremely useful as information is gathered in an effective and efficient manner.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to evaluate the success of the targets that were set. The results gathered for the client proved to be extremely successful. The results shown below on the table greatly exceed the 80/20 rule this is smart way to guide the business.

% Calls answered in 2017 Average waiting time % Calls Answered in less than 20 seconds and less than 30 seconds
91.1% 0.20 95.50%

Arema Connect are responsible for areas of the line which have high volumes of callers. Such volumes of calls are  expected from the roadside assistance and service or repair assistance. The 2017 KPIs highlighted there was a large volume of inbound calls answered, 91.1%. The average waiting time per call was 20 seconds which shows efficiency of the agents assigned to the customer. The level of service by agents is evaluated through various recordings allowing for the customer to assess the high quality service for themselves.Followed by a minimum of one recording taken per week from the various agents assigned to this particular client. The desired results continue to be achieved for both parties.