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Training plays a huge part in providing both a high-quality service and ensuring each client’s individual needs are fulfilled. Arema Connect currently employs 47 employees, who are all well aware of this. Comprehensive learning and professional development strategies are indispensable ways to keep the organisation competitive in constantly changing markets. My name is Katie Murphy and I am a marketing student at Cork Institute of Technology. In this blog, I would like to briefly highlight my experience of training at Arema Connect…

I started a marketing internship here at Arema Connect in January. I was introduced to various training methods and procedures which proved to be very helpful. In my opinion, without such training procedures, it would have been a lot more difficult for me to settle into my new role. In order for me to market the services we offer, it was vital for me to gain an understanding of what we do from an operational perspective.

How to become a proficient call centre agent?

In order to become a proficient call centre agent understanding the CRM system was a priority. Following an introduction to the CRM each employee is made aware of the company mission statement, vision, rules and regulations. On my first day, I sat with Alison who is an Agent and an Account Manager for one of our biggest clients in the retail sector. I found this extremely beneficial as I was able to pick up various tricks of the trade by watching her.

From my introduction to my new workplace, it was very evident that delivering a high-quality service was vital for agents to grasp. Training takes place on the job. Newly recruited staff are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed in a positive and friendly work environment. Training programs ensure that employees’ weaknesses are addressed appropriately. This, in turn, reduces points of failure within the team and encourages employees to work independently or as part of a team. Evidently, from my first weeks in the office, there is a very strong team spirit. Any difficulties I faced in my first week, there was always someone there to offer me guidance and encouragement.

Lessons learnt from my first few weeks of training:

After intensive training, I learned:

  • Marketing for services – Providing a high-quality service means that the people and the process go hand in hand.
  • Productivity – Agent’s extensive training allows for increased productivity and greatly contributes to the overall success here.
  • Personalized CRM – Handling over 100 clients’ accounts means that each Agent must be familiar with the unique criteria for each client account they are assigned to. These range from the pharmaceutical to hospitality industries, each with different requirements.
  • Consistency – Effective training allows for a consistent service to be achieved which is a high priority to us here at Arema Connect.
  • Employee satisfaction – Improved employee satisfaction is achieved through extensive training. In turn, allowing for employees to expand their knowledge base and continue to grow. It leads to an extremely low staff turnover of just 8% at Arema Connect.

In conclusion, my skill set and knowledge of the Contact Centre Industry has hugely expanded. As I am still settling into my new role, I continue to receive training in various aspects of the business, making my internship all the more exciting.

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About Katie



Katie  – CIT Intern, Marketing Department. A highly motivated Marketing student from Cork Institute of Technology. My achievements to date include winning the CIT 2017 brand challenge and being shortlisted for the creation of a digital strategy for a business within the retail sector. I consider myself a creative and outgoing person. After the completion of my degree, I am driven to pursue a career in Fashion marketing.