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In the latest report by the CCMA and Deloitte future trends were highlighted. Areas which were focused on included talent development and progression within the Call Center, Business Process Outsourcing Industry Key Trends included;

  • The Industry & Challenges
  • Skilled Employees and Languages
  • Back to Basics
  • Work for Reward
  • Changing Roles
  • Seeds of Change and Harvesting Talent
  • Costs and Benefits

The Industry

The report highlights Ireland as a global hub within the Customer Contact Centre Industry. These centres located primarily in Dublin and Cork serve a number of global regions such as the United Kingdom or the EU

Skilled Employees in Other Languages

Competitive Talent, Agents and Personnel with extensive language and technical skills, help CCC’s to maintain competitiveness through those employees. Language is becoming an important attribute for employers in the field who seek multilingual candidates. The average salary, for those with multilingual skills with experience, is typically higher than that are only proficient in one language.

Back to Basics

The Employee breakdown highlighted most individuals employed in CCC’s are under 30 (60 % of the profile). Millennial’s making the most of this.There is a ratio of both full and part-time roles (92%/78%). This allows for employers to further invest in their staff, such as training and development which is beneficial overall.

Work for Reward

Motivation and rewarding staff are sought through competitive pay and conditions, remuneration in-line with market and pay increases are between 1-5%. For those with increased pay, the talent they provide is a pull factor to the Industry and intra-organisations in the CCC. Interestingly, those that are hired from abroad want to be considered for their skills other than their native tongue. Instead, they want to develop their technical and industry-specific skills. Bonuses are based on individual performance.

Changing Roles

Consumers are the force of change, which has forced organisations to adapt their approach to customer service.The trend of digital and self-service approach is growing. Customer contact through services such as Live Chat and social media usage is increasing at a rate of 15% as latest statistics show.

Seeds of Change and Harvesting Talent

Ongoing Training & Development is key to standing out and producing results. It is now important for organisations to approach the workplace that engages talent and a shared culture.

Organisations with poor training & development have issues with attrition and progression of employees. A nourished culture is a key quality to retaining staff. Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relate to talent and performance

Costs & Benefits

Outsourced services give flexibility and reduced costs to organisations that externalise their non-core operations. Organisations have trust in the processes and procedures of CCC’s.

To Conclude

The findings proved to be extremely useful to us here at Arema Connect. Being an active member of the CCMA, it allows us to stay competitive within the Customer Contact sector. The report greatly bought our attention further talent management and development of a greater understanding of such key factors that are shaping our sector.

In Brief

  • The area of skilled employees in other languages was addressed. Here at Arema, Martina Henkel is fluent in both German and English, Aisling Griffin is fluent in both English and Irish. Offering outsourced services with our multilingual Agents is a huge value proposition for our Clients.
  • We continue to place a strong emphasis on keeping our employees’ ongoing development through training days and online seminars allowing them to benefit by constantly upskilling.

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