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Our client, the agency responsible for the promotion and development of tourism services for the Island of Ireland. The authority has two brands with various marketing activities at home and abroad. They have engaged Arema Connect in Outsourcing of their key activities withing the tourist industry.

Their Primary brand – is to fulfil the actual core activities of the agency such as providing a range of international support to develop targeted tourism business activities abroad.

The Second brand – promotes the country as a holiday destination through its internal marketing campaigns and manage an extensive network of nationwide tourist information centres that provide help and advice for visitors to Ireland, accessible through several media, Telephone, Hotel Concierge and Web for example


The Client has leveraged these non-core activities such as telephone answering of queries from guests and tourists alike, arising from such queries they have, and focus more particularly around National annual holidays, such as Saint Patrick’s Day and other popular tourist marketing and initiatives as developed and campaigned by them.

Our solutions devised with our client in mind which provide customer assistance with current, helpful and appropriate information with knowledge of tourist hot-spots and accommodation specifications, for example.

The outsourcing of these activities to Arema Connect allows for the centralized pooling of resources. This approach ultimately satisfies our client’s callers and customers. For our client, our customized supports provide for the reduced overheads. We provide confidence in providing them with our dedicated, committed agents in handling the operations.

Product Solutions 

Arema Connect, a 100% Irish owned multi-channel contact centre. Outsourced activities, like – Telephone handling and supports, Email support

  • Always connected 24/7 National Call Service
  • Convenient Instant Messaging Chat Service
  • Mass SMS Messaging to Guests & Customer Reach
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Email handing


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