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The power of social media is evident for marketers and customer service representatives. Buyers and potential buyers can access your online profile and gather information; but also can use this channel to ask for advice and report any challenges with your business. Who should take care of your social media account and your social presence?


Social Media as a Marketing Tool

If your social media account is managed by your marketing department, it is more likely to be used as a mass communication channel. Social media accounts are used as a tool to promote your business or your brand through advertisement, competitions, tips and advice… Your feed will be mostly a one-way dialogue where the marketing department posts something with the objective of gathering likes and shares.


Social Media as a Customer Engagement Tool

If your social media account is managed by your contact centre, the dynamic changes. It becomes an additional contact centre channel to be added to telephone, e-mail, live chat and text messages. In all these channels, customers usually start the conversation by asking questions, advice or just praising your company. Social media becomes a two-way communication system where the customer starts the conversation.


Ideal scenario

In an ideal world, your marketing and contact centre will share the responsibility and perks of this platform. Imagine that marketing was the mother and contact centre the father (or the other way around) both will be nourishing clients as if they were their children. Each parent would have a defined role but both would work in the same direction. They will work on creating a healthy and positive relationship. Remember that “repeat buyers have a higher return on investment”. If you are interested in this approach, get your marketing department to give us a call and we can partner with them!