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Network cable

Background: Client description

Our client is a Supplier of Broadband and Network Consultancy Services to Business and Residential customers. They provide services nationwide and their core team is usually on the road installing broadband for clients.

The objective of this Case Study:

This case study provides evidence of our telephone answering service for the SMEs.

  • Overview of the day-to-day activities provided including:
    • Problem-solving capacity;
    • Telephone Answering;
    • Escalation of complex enquiries;
    • Reporting capabilities;
    • Ability to meet service level.


Project & Scope of Work: Customer Support for Broadband company

Our client required a 24-by-7 solution that supported their sales, accounts and technical support departments. They required a receptionist service where clients could leave a message and get basic information about their services. We had to factor in a spike in call volumes due to severe weather as the broadband service is provided through an aerial and not through the phone line.

Meeting clients’ requirements: 24 by 7 receptionist service

Arema Connect is trading since 2001. We provide a large range of solutions tailored to our client’s needs. In the beginning, we focused on providing shared receptionist services aiming to reduce operational costs while providing outstanding service. Since then, our business model has changed and now we focus on providing dedicated teams.

This client has been with us since 2005. We provide them with shared receptionist service for their sales, accounts and technical support teams. We are open 24 by 7 and are able to increase our workforce at short notice when required (i.e. projection of a larger volume of calls due to bad weather).

Our team is trained on the services provided by our clients and their processes (e.g. installation process, timeframe…). We answer basic questions following the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) document created with our client. All other enquiries are escalated to our client’s team by phone, e-mail and/or text message. Their team can also access their call log through our online portal and we use an escalation process to ensure the customers’ query is handled at the service level time agreed.


We have been working together since 2005 in partnership. Our client is extremely happy with the service level provided as we have a team familiar with their company and processes. On average, our team members have been working with us for 4 years. According to our last employee survey (September 2017), more than half of our employees plan to stay with us for more than 5 years. This decreases the cost of training and increases efficiency. As our clients’ company grow, we expect to provide them with a dedicated team in a near future and support their administrative workload.