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In this case study, we provide you with an example of how we provide Telephone Answering Service for IT company.

Background: IT sector Client description

Our client is a supply chain technology company. They work in the EMEA market and provide agile solutions to enable faster and more accurate process execution. They have over 30 offices and provide technical solutions for multiple industries including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, warehouse, distribution, automotive, postal & courier, fast moving goods, manufacturing, and transport & logistics. Our client decided to outsource their clients’ first contact point to us in 2013.

Objective of this Case Study:

This case study describes our client’s requirements and the services provided. It provides evidence of…

  • How the contact centre can help IT companies in general and supply chain technology companies in particular
  • Arema Connect’s experience working with the IT sector
  • Ability to work as part of our clients’ team
  • Overview of the day to day activities provided including:
    • Problem-solving capacity
    • Telephone Answering
    • Escalation of complex enquiries
    • Reporting capabilities
    • Ability to meet service level

Project & Scope of Work: Customer Support for the IT sector

Our IT client required a 24 by 7 solution that supported their sales and service department. They didn’t expect a large volume of calls; however, the value of each call was high in relation to client support and brand perception. A small problem with the technology provided by our client could imply the loss of millions of Euros in revenue. Therefore, quick reaction and accuracy on the message taking were paramount. Our team must capture all information and escalate the call to the engineer.

Meeting clients’ requirements: 24 by 7 telephone answering service

Arema Connect has the capability of meeting all requirements highlighted in the previous section. We work with different IT companies and support their sales & service departments 365 days per year. Our team has outstanding telephone etiquette and their attention to detail has been praised by multiple clients.

Over the years we have worked together with our client’s to streamline the process.

Answering IT sector Sales enquiries

we have compiled a list of Frequent Asked Questions that it is accessible through our internal wiki. All agents are trained by our Training Manager, Sarah Foley, in our clients’ company culture and basic knowledge of their services. Our main duty is to answer basic questions and capture details for a call back from the sales department. All information is logged in our online customer relationship management (CRM) software and sent by e-mail to the relevant person within the organization. Some of our client’s employees also avail of the functionality of getting a text message sent to their phone. All messages are also accessible through our online portal and can be downloaded in excel format. This allows integration with other company systems.

Answering IT sector Service enquiries

The importance of this type of calls is such for our client that we are providing a higher service level than the industry standard (80:20). We aim to provide 95% of the calls answered within 20 seconds. Metrics and performance are reviewed on a weekly basis. The process followed by our team includes taking information related to Site Name, Route Number, Docking Bay Number, Fault Description, and other relevant information that the caller can provide. This information is logged in the system and our agent then contacts the engineer on call. We have an updated list of engineers on call every week which is updated to our system. Our agents will call the first engineer twice before moving down to the next engineer on call until the message has been escalated. All this information is recorded in our system for audit and tracking purposes. Usually only takes one phone call to provide the information (which is also sent by e-mail or text) to the engineer.


Over the years we have developed a strong relationship with our client and their team. We have been working together since 2013 and the 24 by 7 technical support services is a vital component of their overall offering.

We have also developed a strong relationship with the engineers on call and streamlined the process to report any service enquiry. This has decreased the time between the report of a fault and the solution provided by our IT client. We provide reports on a weekly basis detailing how we are meeting the service level agreement. We are trialling logging the information directly into their system as a natural step to improve call resolution and avoid the duplication of administration work.