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As part of our Degrees in Marketing & Business Information Systems at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Semester II of our third year encompasses the best opportunity to further complement both our theory & practical skills and how to apply such to the business process and activities of an Organisation. We have been fortunate for Arema Connect to offer us internship positions with them!

I would like to introduce myself, Evan, and my classmate, Katie, and we will be working within the marketing department – while our colleagues Aoife, Melanie and Blessing provide support in other business areas such as HR and Management. Our respective backgrounds in CIT involved us undertaking a number of relevant Business, Management and Marketing modules prior to the internship position.

Arema Connect – A Shared Services Center have been grateful to offer each of us a Student internship for this semester. Arema’s internship program will involve us garnering a thorough analysis of operations in the field of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and how to work alongside their respective clients, how to approach them, meet and/ or tailor their requirements, and devise new approaches and processes in-house to complement the activities of Arema, particularly around B2B clients.

We hope during our time here, that both Arema Connect and us as interns, find it very satisfactory where our shared business intelligence is valuable to both parties going forward.

Arema Connect believes in the importance of setting out to achieve ambitious but realistic goals for each of the interns that are hired, and work closely with the management to fulfil these goals over the course of the internship. The following are several of the skills and accomplishments we wish to be considered achieved for both personal satisfaction – and to equip us with the necessary tact in the Industry.

These are not exhaustive but are more aligned with the work of the relevant departments within Arema Connect, they also stand for a sound set of experiences which is fundamental to the Internship Program here. We are thankful to Arema Connect for nourishing our talent, tact and skills. Finally, we hope this will provide Arema with better inspiration and insight going forward for what we interns offer.

Fostering Technical ability

A good set of goals around technical business skills would be for us to:

  • Gaining a working knowledge of systems, processes and techniques spreadsheet-based data manipulation, formulas
  • Business Approach — from thought to fruition -How projects or campaigns are executed.
  • Applying market research and other essential business metrics – to act upon and improve business processes

Understand how to approach and analyse trends with the various platforms – fulfilled by SEO & Marketing approaches, for example. This is of importance in the data analytics and big data economies

Gaining Essential Background Knowledge

  • To understand the context of the market of what Arema Connect and their partners do, I feel it’s important as interns we are equipped with this knowledge of both internal and external Business operation practices
  • Get an overall appreciation of how their market works — from the various roles of the staff, the functions of different teams, how the organisations are operated, and their strive for success. These are valuable experiences, not only for us but for the benefit of the firm too.

Interpersonal Skills

Improvement, Improvement, Improvement!! As businesses rely on other businesses, and more so with our respective positions here in Arema Connect, the role is ultimately going to involve dealing with personal connections, having confidence in ourselves would be an important characteristic of forming agreements and negotiations with those around us.


Building a Network of Contacts

  • Fostering relationships with people who can mentor and advise or otherwise.
  • Expanding connections to other potential clients and interns, through developing relevant support and communication channels.
  • Building a broader network both internally and externally.

Throughout our internship, we hope to keep you updated on our progress!!


Till then..



Evan – CIT Intern, Marketing Department

I’m currently an Intern here at Arema Connect Working within the Marketing Department.
A student of Business Studies at CIT, specialising in Marketing.

Having been fortunate in my position here at Arema Connect, during my placement I hope to have completed a number of projects the team are working on, while also further equipping myself with specialist skills and expertise.
Lately, I have been interested in working within the B2B sector with a determined, dynamic and understanding approach.