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The frontline team in any organisation are an integral component and their feedback is vitally important. They are your eyes and ears of the organisation and can give you valuable feedback on aspects of your business that may be overlooked. Employee satisfaction surveys enable staff members to voice their opinion on a wide spectrum of activities that may impact on their well-being at work.

Regular feedback surveys also help employers to measure and understand their employees‘ attitudes, motivations, and satisfaction levels. Our employee satisfaction surveys help us retain our employees for longer. This, in turn, saves money on training and HR costs. One of the strengths of any business is an experienced workforce and this is especially true in customer service. Current and potential clients are more comfortable working with customer service agents who have years of experience. So not only does having happy employees save money it also aids in acquiring new companies. By lowering our employee attrition rates we have been able to build a solid backbone of Key Account Managers who have been with us for over 5 years.

The last and most important part is implementing the best suggestions and making sure the team understand that their input is valued and important to our company.

At Arema Connect, we manage market research projects for our clients but also perform our own internal audits to ensure that all aspects of our business are running smoothly. Our most recent employee survey was conducted at the end of September 2017. It is important that the management team act upon the results and take on board positive & negative feedback. Steps should be taken to rectify all reasonable requests and communicated to the team so that they are aware that their voice will be heard and action taken.

This post provides a snapshot of the results, here is what we found out following the employee satisfaction survey.

Thanks to this satisfaction survey, we learned that…

  • “92% of the employees like their job in Arema Connect/ Call Management!”
  • “85% of the employees feel satisfied with their job!”
  • “91% of the respondents are likely to recommend the company as an employer to a friend or colleague!”
  • “More than half of the employees plan to stay with us for more than 5 years!”
  • “88% of the employees feel that the training they received when they started their job was significantly or extremely helpful!” 
  • “A lot of the employees are satisfied with one-to-one (91%) and wiki (76%) training!” 
  • “Feedback from the management team is considered to be given fairly or very often by over 75% of the employees!” 
  • “94% of the employees think that the expectations of the management team are quite or very realistic!” 
  • “88% of the respondents are happy with their working hours!”
  • “82% of the employees would not like to change anything in their job if given the opportunity!”

We are proud to work with such a dedicated team and we will keep on trying to improve their day-to-day life at work. As a result of the survey, we have implemented a few changes that were mentioned such as a company pension scheme starting in January 2018. Arema Connect Gym Membership launched in October 2017 to a local gym just 500 meters from the office. We also had a few other very valuable suggestions that will be implemented in 2018.

Overall, we are delighted to learn that most of our employees are happy to work with us and that they expect to be working with us for a long time!