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Background: Clients description

Our client is an American biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes therapeutics. For many years since the company was founded, the company concentrated primarily on antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza.

They seek to develop products that represent advancements by offering enhanced modes of delivery, more convenient treatment regimens, improved resistance profiles, reduced side effects and greater efficacy. Through our own research and partnerships with universities, medical research institutions and global pharmaceutical leaders, our client is rapidly and efficiently making scientific and clinical advancements that raise the standard for new therapeutics that treat life-threatening diseases.


The objective of this Case Study: Database Management

This case study has been designed to describe our client and the services provided. You will gain evidence of our…

  • Experience working with the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Dedicated and experienced teams
  • Approach to setting up new contracts including
    • Training
    • IT requirements
  • Data Protection Handling Process
  • Overview of the day-to-day activities provided including:
    • Data Procurement
    • Email answering
    • Outbound Calls
    • Reporting capabilities
    • Ability to meet deadlines and service levels


Project & Scope of Work

The main objective was to clean and update their database of 16,000 records. The database management campaign was designed with the idea of gaining an email address for each database entry and informing the customer of changes in our clients’ processes in relation to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We offered email support and telephone answering (inbound & outbound) services to our client and the various vendors who they do business with.


Arema Connect Values

Arema Connect has been providing 24-by-7 customer support services since 2001. Our team provides customer support and market research services to private and public organisations with experience supporting the pharmaceutical and health sector.

We provide a combination of a dedicated team and shared agents to manage call volume fluctuations and business seasonality. Arema Connect is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner, and Customer Contact Management Association of Ireland (CCMA). We are ISO Certified with a Quality Management Certification (ISO 9001 Standard).


Information Technology

For this project, our dedicated team used Salesforce and Cloud call.


  • Salesforce was used to access our client’s database. We assisted our client in setting up and importing the information required. Our client provided us with individual login details for each of our agents for accountability purposes.
  • We used this to organise, locate and update entries with ease and speed.
  • This allowed us to categorise every processed entry quickly and precisely with a variety of quick labelling options.

Cloud Call

  • Cloud call allowed us to rapidly call customers at the click of a button.
  • This was also used to track our metrics along with Salesforce to see our progress at a glance.


Database Management Update Process

The database management process had three key steps: data procurement, phone calls and e-mail follow up.

  • Data procurement: The first step included three dedicated agents who reviewed the 16,000 records database for the outbound call campaign. First duplicate values were removed. Secondly, using the data provided by our client we cross-referenced their contact information using data from websites, corporation registration sites, phones books, social media pages and Linkedin pages, this then gave us the building blocks to commence phase two. Information for 15,535 vendors was verified and updates as agreed with our clients. Companies went into liquidation were not considered in the phone calls phase (465 vendors).
  • Phone calls: For this contract, we were required to do outbound calls which required our agents to obtain account receivable details. There were 15,535 calls that needed to be made. These calls require accurate logging, callbacks when necessary all the while adhering to data protection regulations. We utilised outbound call system software to call over 100 countries in 23 different markets with the majority being English-speaking, however, we also have agents engaging the German, French, Spanish and Polish markets. Three attempts were made to update the information. The team followed each phone call with an e-mail as required.
  • Email: We used Salesforce which allows the customer to update their information themselves. E-mails allowed us to confirm the information and reduce time while increasing accuracy.



We contacted and secured ample information about the 15,535 vendors to proceed to the next step of making calls. A total of 36,070 outbound calls were made and 9,537 e-mails sent to obtain the required information. At the end of the exercise 1,170 Vendors records were updated. The project was completed within the allotted time and a detailed report was sent to our client including the success rate of each phone call rounds and the e-mail activity. The customer was extremely satisfied with the service.