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Recently, at Arema Connect we conducted an employee survey to better understand their perspective on working with us.

One of the questions asked was ‘Define briefly what do we do’.

We collected over 40 responses. Typical answers included key terms as ’24 by 7 call centre’, ‘contact centre for multiple companies’, ‘telephone answering service’, and ‘receptionist services’. Clearly, there was alignment between employees’ duties and their perception of the company.

Agents from dedicated teams included in their answers more qualitative adjectives and focused on ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘customer experience’. They highlighted the relevance of their role in addressing key issues over multiple channels including phone, e-mail, live chat and social media. Another portion of the respondent mentioned our market research services; however, they focused on the operational side of it: ‘telephone surveys’, ‘mystery shopping phone calls’, or ‘outbound qualitative questionnaires’.

One of the definitions that I like the most referred to the meaning of being a call centre agent.

“Arema Connect solves problems. We, as call centre agents, answer many phone calls, e-mails and chats every day. We also collect responses for market research projects.

But what is the common thread?

Well, the common theme was, people report a problem to us and we are part of the solution. I believe that every day I go home after making life better of at least 100 persons who contacted us.”

In 2013, we conducted a similar exercise but with a small twist.  We asked our employees to provide a sample of their replies that their children gave when asked that question:

“Mum/Dad, where do you work?” Brief synopsis here:

What is a call centre? Definition in a child’s mind