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We started having Halloween Parties back in 2013. Get-togethers such as Halloween parties are part of our staff engagement and team building strategies. They provide an opportunity to boost camaraderie between colleagues and improve the cohesion of new and existing teams.

The whole idea was to give our staff’s kids a better idea of what their parents got up to every day. We are a 24 by 7 contact centre and it is only at events like this that people on different shifts, get an opportunity to speak to each other. We are lucky in that we have a large enclosed common area space outside our door. This year we decided to maximise this space as our office was still open for business and with 30 kids noise would be an issue. It is also cool to have fun with the kids, knowing that they are totally safe and secure.

Today, 31st of October, we are also hosting a “Dress up for Halloween” event in our office. We are raising some much-needed funds for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. If you want to donate, get in touch. Your terror-ific donation will make a difference to the lives of children!

Special thanks to Triona, Kelley, Debi, Pat and Nuala for organizing the party and activities for the kids.