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Selling online is a customer-focus process where a good customer experience is impacted by your IT, logistics, marketing, legal and customer services processes.

Selling online 5 things you must know


The internet has transformed all our lives and online selling is now a major sales channel opportunity.

We can now make purchases on a 24 by 7 basis using numerous devices from laptops, mobiles to tablets. It is relatively easy with a legion of potential buyers surfing the web every day ready to use their credit cards. Buying online is a common practice for the majority of us. We buy concert tickets, flights, computers, food, clothes… you name it, we buy it.


Selling online can be a highly profitable activity. It reduces fix cost and allows you to reach a global audience. So, if you are thinking about setting up an online or you are already trading online, we have outlined 5 key things to remember:

1.The importance of IT and a user-friendly website

On the internet, everything depends on your website or online shop being ‘live’. If your website is down, you can lose business and damage your brand and reputation. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, search products, add them to the shopping cart, pay for them and clearly state delivery information. All the processes should be intuitive and customer-focus.

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2.Market your business well

Market research is a key element to ensure the success of any business venture. Understand your clients, their needs and motivations. If you don’t want to invest in fancy software, use free tools to monitor your on-line performance, analyse your brand performance on social media. For example, use Google analytics to see what pages have more traction and how your buyers are directed to your website. All this information will help you to understand your clients and will provide you with key information for planning effective marketing campaigns.

Download our whitepaper: Market Research from Strategic, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources Perspectives

3.It is all about logistics

Shipping can become a nightmare if you are selling online. Work hard to find suitable partners for your logistical support service. If you are not shipping goods, then all goes back to the importance of your IT system and your database management systems. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer that not receiving their product or service.

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4.Customer service is extremely important to online shoppers

If your aim is to make your online shop so easy to use and your buying process so smooth that customer support is almost not necessary, then you are on the right path to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Nevertheless, customer service is and always will be extremely important to online shoppers. The customer journey can present multiple questions before, during and after the purchase moment.

Download our e-commerce whitepaper here: Online E-Commerce Sites & The Challenges of Customer Care

5.Be cool: Customer rights

Depending on where you and your buyers are based you will have to adhere to relevant regulations and customer rights. For example, EU Consumer Rights Directive covers buyers when they purchase any goods or services from a business based in the EU. Be sure that your team is fully aware of the appropriate customer rights charters and these are part of your processes and procedures. Adherence from day one will protect your business from legal actions and protect your brand’s reputation.

Learn more about the EU Consumer Rights Directive here.

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