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Every day millions of people shop online. We have prepared a list of ‘tips’ for you, so you can improve your online customer support and increase sales through your website.

1. Customer Support at Every Stage of the Purchase

The shopping process begins when the online buyer lands on your website. In an ideal world, when customers browse your website, they will:

  • Find the product
  • Check colours and sizes
  • Look at different options
  • Wonder about delivery cost & time
  • Add the products to their virtual shopping carts
  • Fill in delivery and payment information
  • Choose delivery
  • Recommend your company to friends and family

I bet that 90% of your sales work this easily; however, a small portion of your clients may need to interact with a customer support representative to ask for advice or further information on a product before purchasing. So, the best advice is… “Be there when the customer needs you”. That means undivided attention 24 by 7, 365 days per year. If you don’t have the resources, maybe you should consider outsourcing to a call centre (like us!)

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2. Be ready for Frequent Asked Questions

95% of the questions usually fit within the FAQ category. You can reduce the number of inquiries by having the answers easily accessed on your website; also prepare response templates for basic questions. The objective is to provide a speedy and accurate response to your customer enquiries. The top 3 FAQ’s are related to:

  1. Delivery process
  2. Payment process
  3. Reset password and user name

Not everything falls in the FAQ category, so be ready for unexpected questions. On average 5% of the enquiries are “unexpected questions”. Improve your customer service by ‘knowing how to answer “unusual” enquiries’.

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3. Choose the right customer care channels for your brand.

It is important to select the communication channels that suit your market the best. Ask yourself what type of contact the customer is looking for and how long are they willing to wait for a reply? For example, live chat and telephone are more personal channels and have the quickest reply time. E-mails and Post are more impersonal and the time expectations are in general lower.

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