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Customer relationship management software gives you that competitive edge

The analogy of “User-friendly” and “customer focus” concepts makes it easier to understand how the integration of a suitable customer relationship management system impacts on your e-commerce website.

User-friendly is used to talk about computer systems (e.g. websites) and refers to the ease of use. Therefore, user-friendly websites are designed with the aim of providing the user with a tool that is intuitive, easy to operate and using a jargon-free language.

Customer focus refers to the orientation of any business towards serving its customers’ needs and therefore, focusing on customer satisfaction scores. In both concepts, the focal point is the experience of the user/customer. Both concepts aim to make life easier for the user/customer.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software are designed with these two concepts in mind: they are user-friendly so contact centre agents can access the information quickly; and they are customer focus as they provide one stop for all customer data, customer interactions, business & sales information.

There is a large number of customer relationship management (CRM) providers. In May, Gartner released their 2017 CRM Comparison Magic Quadrant which listed CRM leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players.

The magic quadrant shows that Salesforce is the current CRM leader. Arema Connect has over 5 years experience working with Salesforce CRM software for different e-commerce clients. Our team is 100% competent in using this system and fully understands the benefits of using a CRM system to boost customer experience and increase sales.

This video describes the steps that we follow to deliver exceptional service to customers

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