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The role of the customer support team is a crucial role in any organisation, as they are the first point of contact for customer queries and complaints. A customer support team understand complex details about a company’s services/products and can assist customers with their queries. They take inbound calls / e-mails and provide solutions to a variety of queries in a calm, professional and efficient manner.

The role of the customer support team is varied and impactful. They are often the only representative of a company that a customer will communicate with. Being patient, cheerful, organised, flexible, an active listener, and being thorough are all makes of an excellent customer support team.

6 roles of a customer support team:

Customer service

A customer service agent is the brand ambassador for the client; therefore it is vital that each existing and potential customer has a positive experience. This is achieved by treating each customer in a courteous manner, being knowledgeable about the product or service, having the ability to handle irate customers and being able to work in a team. IT skills are a must also. It is important to be goal orientated, positive and flexible.
Our customer support team at Arema Connect is extensively trained to offer a personalised experience to each customer, for example, using their first name to add warmth to the call. If we are unable to resolve the issue immediately we give the customer a time frame for a resolution and we respond within that timeframe, for example we also call back our automotive, and property customers to see if their issues were resolved within the timeframe specified.

Issue resolution

The customer support team is responsible for answering and resolving customer complaints and issues. The old adage ‘the customer is always right’ is key to offering an appropriate resolution for these queries.
Our customer support team individually have several years of experience and are trained to remain calm, speak in a respectful manner, ascertain the relevant information, offer an appropriate solution that satisfies the customer and is in accordance with the client’s companies regulation.

Business Development

The customer support team while completing a fulfilment related issue for a customer must actively listen for clues that the customer may be open to purchasing products or service that complement their current order.
At Arema Connect our customer support team are trained to use a variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, where they can directly take payment details for customers’ orders or log their order requests for our client’s sales team.


The customer support team for certain clients are required to up-sell products or services or make sales.
At Arema Connect our customer support team is trained in recognising an up-selling opportunity for a product or service for our clients who offer this option to their customer. Our customer support team is also trained to recommend products or services to customers based on their budget constraints, their personal preferences and previous purchase history.

Customer Records

The customer support team is responsible for collecting all relevant customer data. Transcribing and logging this information with 100% accuracy in the appropriate database is vital for the efficient resolution of any future customer calls. The data is invaluable as it may be used by the client to generate future revenue through customer initiatives, such as product offers or services via email, text message, or brochures. Inaccurate information leads to lost revenue and possible the loss of a client.

Clerical Tasks

The customer support team may also have clerical responsibilities. At Arema Connect we offer market research services. We will merge your databases, remove duplicates, identify incorrect or redundant information and verify correct information using our dialer system. We conduct internal audits at each stage to verify the accuracy of the data and we carry out an audit after 6 or 12 months (based on the client’s needs) to maintain the upkeep of the database.

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